Today I am releasing an update to the Colony Wars Beta, v0.5.0, to Web, the Ape Launcher, and Android devices. I have made so many changes since the last Beta that I wanted to get this one out there to gather some error reporting and telemetry data so I can move on towards a full release of this game.

Here are the primary changes, although there are tons of small ones as well:
  • Multiplayer code has been completely rewritten from scratch
  • Multiplayer games (with multiple humans) now support team play
  • Many keyboard shortcuts added (There is a thread here with more info)
  • Game now requires both Power and Silos
  • Total rewrite of Harvester Pathfinding
  • Total rewrite of the AI
  • Added SAM Battery defense
  • Added Bank (not in any of the pre-packaged maps yet), test of a civilian building that can be garrisoned.
The next Beta I plan on finishing all of the units and buildings for the United Earth team and including an additional multiplayer map. Planned units are a medic, grenade infantry, APC transport, artillery, missile destroyer, Sarge (as a commando unit). There will also be a superweapon structure, and a way to call in airstrikes. The next beta will also finally come to both iOS and Windows.

After that, I will be moving on to LIS units and then campaign mode.

Zolarg may come later, but it will be in a post-1.0.0 release.