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Apologies to @Reyn at RPF for stealing this post code for code, but I plan on using it to expand and improve the BB Code rendering of the general Ape Apps forum software. Some rendering will appear off, since sections here using RPF's spoiler tag would, on this software, be better suited for the collapse tag. -b

Bold Text:Bold Text
[b]Bold Text[/b]

Italic Text:Italic Text
[i]Italic Text[/i]

Strikethrough Text:Strikethrough Text
[s]Strikethrough Text[/s]

Highlighted Text:Highlighted Text
[highlight=#FFFF00]Highlighted Text[/highlight]

Tag:Tagged text (tags are invisible in the actual post, but visible in the editor)
[tag="TagExample"]Tagged text (tags are invisible in the actual post, but visible in the editor)[/tag]

Size Huge:Big Text
[size=200]Big Text[/size]

Size Tiny:Baby Text
[size=50]Baby Text[/size]

Coloured Text:Coloured Text
[color=#FF0000]Coloured Text[/color]

Left Align:
Left Align Text

[align=left]Left Align Text[/align]

Right Align:
Right Align Text

[align=right]Right Align Text[/align]

Center Align:
Center Align Text

[align=center]Center Align Text[/align]

Font:Text in a different font (this one is perfect for serious posts)
[font=Comic Sans MS]Text in a different font.[/font]

Opacity:Text with different opacity
[opacity=50]Text with different opacity[/opacity]

Glow:Text that GLOWS!
You can also combine this with coloured text!

[glow=#ff0080]Text that GLOWS!
[color=#000000]You can also combine this with coloured text![/color][/glow]

Dropshadow:Text with a dropshadow
[dropshadow=#ff0080]Text with a dropshadow[/dropshadow]

Blur:You need an eye test.
[blur=black]Blurred text[/blur]



Transparent Text:Secret invisible text
[color=transparent]Secret invisible text[/color]

Indent:Indent for your text
[tab=50]Indent for your text[/tab]

Marquee:Marquee text: text that moves across the screen. It doesn't work inside spoilers, but trust me. It works.
[marquee]Marquee text.[/marquee]

Link:Link Text
[url=]Link Text[/url]

Link To Tag:You can use the URL code to link people to tagged points.
[url=#TagExample]You can use the URL code to link people to tagged points.[/url]

Reyn said:Text Someone Else Said

[quote=Reyn]Text Someone Else Said[/quote]

Code Block:
Hackerman Text (doesn't parse BBCode like [b]this[/b])

[code]Hackerman Text[/code]

Code Line:Also doesn't parse [s]BBCode[/s]

List (Bullet):
  • More Text In A List

[list]Text In A List
[*]More Text In A List[/list]

List (Numbered):[list=1]Text In A Numbered List
[*]More Text In A Numbered List[/list]

[list=1]Text In A Numbered List
[*]More Text In A Numbered List[/list]

External Image:

Attached Image:[attachment=0]att.PNG[/attachment]

MP3 Embed:





Box 2 (You can change the border with this one)

[box2= color=#00FF88 border=transparent]Box 2[/box2]

Gradient Box (RGBA Values):
Gradient Box RGBA (Basic directions are "to top" for a vertical gradient and "to right" for a horizontal one)

[gradbox d=to right b=transparent c=rgba(255,223,223,0.8), rgba(160,49,86,0.8)]Gradient Box RGBA[/gradbox]

Gradient Box (Colour Names):
Gradient Box Words (It only works with RGBA or colour names. Hex values are incompatible. You can put as many colours in as you want.)

[gradbox d=to top b=black c=orange, yellow, green]Gradient Box Words[/gradbox]

Image Box:
This is an imgbox. There is an image as the background of this.

[imgbox=]This is an imgbox. There is an image as the background of this.[/imgbox]

Spoiler:Spoiler:Spoiler text
[spoiler="Spoiler"][spoiler="Spoiler"]Spoiler text[/spoiler][/spoiler]

Spoiler2:[spoiler2=blue,yellow,castellar,"SPOILER 2"]You can edit the colours and font etc.[/spoiler2]
[spoiler2=blue,yellow,castellar,"SPOILER 2"]You can edit the colours and font etc.[/spoiler2]

Columns of text
Boxes work in these
Specifically, 2 columns of text.And guess what:Spoilers also work in these

[column][col]Columns of text[box=yellow]Boxes work in these[/box][/col][col]Specifically, 2 columns of text.[spoiler="And guess what"]Spoilers also work in these[/spoiler][/col][/column]

Float Text
(Doesn't play nice with boxes or spoilers, but wraps normal text around it nicely. Use with caution. Lorem ipsum not included in code, for the sake of space and convenience.)
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing, elit porttitor ut sodales mauris aenean, primis nec dis per natoque. Primis laoreet pulvinar tempus senectus sociis pretium vehicula inceptos leo, malesuada eros nibh augue fringilla hendrerit et mattis pharetra, cum egestas in penatibus parturient imperdiet erat commodo. Placerat risus nam eros imperdiet faucibus vitae aptent accumsan, quisque massa laoreet ac est sem tellus, mattis curae vulputate egestas leo sociosqu eleifend.
Justo semper nulla enim eleifend tempor aenean integer pretium ultrices, mollis dis aliquet mi ornare pellentesque himenaeos diam potenti, neque vestibulum cursus dapibus commodo vivamus sociosqu in. Odio magnis nec non auctor dis magna eget vulputate, consequat faucibus tempus sed sem litora quam aliquam placerat, natoque eleifend ac metus per purus enim. Netus penatibus suscipit sem bibendum facilisi sed vulputate, montes inceptos curabitur cum nibh euismod, curae nunc rhoncus potenti parturient tellus.

[float=right]Float Text


Adjusts the amount of space text and images take up.

Adjusts the amount of space text and images take up.[/width]

[comment]Only visible in the post editor.[/comment]

Line Break:Line


Div blocks allow you to change all of the formatting in pretty much every way possible (text colour, border colour/type/weight, font, background colour, width, float, display type etc.).

It also works with other things
and boxes
Guess what? It works with columns too. It works with pretty much everything, so go experiment with this!
You can also set the background to an image and have several div blocks next to each other. Neat!

Use THIS guide if you want more detail on div things.

[div="color:black;border:3px black dashed;font-family:arial;background-color:#FF6696;display:inline-block;float:left;width:70%;"]Text here.[/div][div="color:yellow;border:2px black solid;font-family:courier;background-image:url(;display:inline-block;float:right;width:28%;"]Wow![/div]

This is a TABLE You can put text here And it makes it into a table
The width of each column is determined by how much you type in it so don't be surprised if it doesn't work
with shorter entries [td]text here[/td] makes a new column [tr]text here[/tr] makes a new row

[tr][td]Row 1 Column [/td]
[td]Row 1 Column 2[/td]
[td]Row 1 Column 3[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Row 2 Column 1[/td]
[td]Row 2 Column 2[/td]
[td]Row 2 Column 3 (etc.)[/td][/tr][/table]
5y ago
My colony isn't meant to be used as an idle game. Hence, you shouldn't have it open in the background anyway. If something goes horribly wrong to your colony (they all starve to death) while you have it in the background and then it auto saved while in the background, then your colony would be screwed and you would regret asking bast to make my colony autosave while in the background. It's best just to always remember to save and close the app when you aren't using it to avoid any unneeded complications.

Or, if you need to put the phone down to go do something for a few seconds, you could just leave the app open and it will continue to simulate the colony and make autosaves. But enabling it to autosave in the background is dangerous stuff.
6y ago
Well, it's late at night as I type this, and I've just put the finishing touches on the v0.93.0 update for My Colony. I'm going to try to get it pushed out to all platforms tonight, but if I end up getting too tired (likely) I will finish the work tomorrow. v0.93.0 is a mix update between content and features, so let's go ahead and take a look at what's new!

First of all, I made some minor interface adjustments on mobile. As some of you may know, I was busy with family most of this week and was unable to use my PC, and I took some time to spin up a new colony on mobile (an iPhone 7). It has literally been forever since I played my own game on mobile, and I noticed some annoyances right off the bat, particularly with the new chat notifications, since in-game chat has started to become a lot more active.

To address this, I moved things around a bit. Now, the build menu icon appears in the bottom right of the screen, above the standard bottom right buttons. The chat notifications are now aligned to the bottom-right corner of the screen, and no longer have a darkened background. Also, their rendering order has been adjusted so that they no longer appear on top of other menus.

In addition, when not using resource "marquee" mode, the top-right resource display no longer has a darkened background, and the text has gotten a bit of extra black border around it to make up for the difference. Also, all of the remaining UI elements with a simi-transparent black background have been adjusted to have the same opacity level, since I thought it looked strange having some UI elements being less transparent and some being more. For the most part, these UI changes are minor, but I think they will make the game a bit more enjoyable on mobile, particularly the issue with the chat notifications covering up important UI dialogs.

Next, I made another change regarding the chat notifications. Previously, clicking on one of the notifications would open up the in-game chat slideout. This is no longer the case. Now when you click on an in-game chat notification, it opens up the brand new User dialog window, showing you all of the online colonies for the Ape Apps user who is chatting.

Clicking on one of their colonies opens up the standard colony info window, allowing you to send gifts and messages. I realized that with so many requests for resources coming in over chat, it was cumbersome to have to go to the communications hub and put in a charter code. Now you can just click on their name and send them some resources.

And speaking of the colony info window, it too has been slightly revamped. It now shows the colony owners username (clicking on it brings up their list of colonies), and the action buttons have been moved to the bottom right corner of the screenshot.

Sorry for picking on you here @Westy266 , but your beautiful colony screenshot just had to make it to the release notes. Oh, and that rectangle in the top-right corner of the screenshot area is the flag of the colony, which leads to the next new feature, colonial flags, along with built-in flag maker.

The Stats screen has a new Flag section, which takes you to the flag maker. I need to clean up the interface a bit, but it's mainly functional. Basically, a flag consists of three primary sections, the overall background color, the "parts" section, and the "logos" section. The background color is pretty self explanatory (I hope).

The "parts" section consists of things like stripes, bars, circles etc, of various shapes, sizes, and positions. You can add as many parts as you want, there is no limit, and you can set different colors for each.

Likewise, the "logos" section lets you add little symbols to the flag. Like parts, you can also add as many logos as you want. You can set their placement, and the slider let's you adjust their size. Most of them allow you to set their color, but some do not. Most of the logos come from in-game UI assets right now.

I plan on expanding the "parts" and "logos" selection in the coming updates, so let me know what kind of things you want to see added, so that you can make the best colonial flag for your awesome colony!

Next up, a couple of important changes have been made to Regions.
  • Now, all region colonies should share a common gifting capacity, so that you do not need to build huge capacity buildings in every map.
  • Regional natural resource deposits (ore/gold/aluminum/etc) will now actually deplete when the colony is not active
So that second one is pretty important, since it is a departure to the way regions had been working, and some colonies might be built depending on the old behavior. However, the old behavior was obviously flawed, so I think that the adjustment was necessary.

Moving on, I raised the costs a bit on the Tech Office Building. That building is sort of powerful, and I didn't nerf it any, but I did make it slightly more expensive.

Also in this update, I made further changes to how colonists handle Work, Medical, Entertainment, and Protesting. These all have long standing irregularities that aren't so easy to fix, so I hope these new adjustments help.

Finally, I went ahead and added a bit more content as well, mostly more I.T. stuff, but also a couple of other things.

New Techs Added
  • Multimedia Infrastructure
  • Proxy Servers
  • Insectoid Mind Network
New Structures Added
  • Ether Tree Farm
  • Quantum Nuclear Reactor
  • Official News Station
  • Imperial Propaganda Office
  • Online Black Market Office
  • Hacker Camp
It's a little late and I'm a little tired to explain all of the new content, but you can mostly look at the names and see what's going on. You can check out the IT industries ideas Vol.3! thread to see what I was pulling from for the I.T. stuff (and to give you an idea of what is coming next). I also added upgraded structures for the old Nuclear Reactor and the Tree Farm.

So that about wraps it up for this update. I think the pace and scale of updates has been pretty good lately, so I will probably be keeping it like this for a while. There will probably be a few more I.T. related updates, plus a ton of other stuff currently sitting in the suggestions box, so keep the ideas and bug reports flowing!

I hope you enjoy the update, and as always, thanks for playing My Colony!
4y ago
1 change the background to something from my colony game like the photo I uploaded .
2 Do away with the Infinity thing -- when you hire OVER 18 workers the monthly income goes to infinity It does not do this with building - mine upgrades .And makes it impossible to estimate the income you are getting vers income need to pay workers.
3 This is just my thinking Example ORE MINE first lv 300 $ first worker 1,125 $ income 50 $ -- Chop Shop first worker 7,500 $ First lv 2000 $ income 80 $ alest at the low lvs it is extremely unbalanced .
Ether decrees workers and lv cost or incress income
NEW example chop shop first lv 900 $ 3 x the amount of mine First worker 3,375 # again 3 x the amount if you followed this all the way up the line the High lv buildings would still be very expensive and take days getting to wile the cost would be more balanced in game play .

Ps Love the tech added pss Mite want to think about a clicker for each RACE from my colony .
Bugs and reptilians clickers with this format would be cool .
Finally Alest really think about changing the background even if you don't use any other thing i put here as it would make the game so much nicer .

A background change alone would incress sales the other stuff wont bug people as much as it will bug me lol .
6y ago
Site owners are able to customize how their forum or website looks and behaves when accessed under Forum Fiend. This is an overview on the customization options available to site owners and developers.

Firstly, if absolutely no site owner action is taken at all, Forum Fiend will still attempt to derive your site's name, icon, and theme color from the meta data of your website. These items are taken from your site's title tag, it's favicon, and the theme-color meta tag.

High-Level Configuration

The easiest way to customize a site under Forum Fiend, one which requires no development experience whatsoever, is to upload a forumfiend.json file to the root directory of your site. Any site that is accessed by a fair number of users through Forum Fiend should take the time to include this simple file. The forumfiend.json file allows you to set high level parameters for your site, as well as branding logos and theme customizations. Creating the file should take no more than a couple of minutes, and you can see a complete guide in the following thread:

Complete forumfiend.json Reference

Access Methods

Forum Fiend can display a forum using either the Tapatalk API or through a custom WebView interface. Tapatalk access is based on the outdated open source version of the Tapatalk API and is no longer maintained. If your forum already uses Tapatalk, it may work just fine under Forum Fiend, and you are encouraged to test it out to be sure. Note that the Tapatalk interface has not been updated since 2014 and will not be receiving support or updates in the future, as newer versions of the API are no longer open source.

The Forum Fiend WebView

Forum developers or site owners with JavaScript experience can further customize their site under Forum Fiend using the custom WebView API interface methods. Site owners who have Tapatalk installed on their system but prefer to use the custom WebView under Forum Fiend can do so by setting the disable_api to "1" in their forumfiend.json file.

The Forum Fiend WebView has a user agent string of ForumViewerCore. Developers can check the user agent to determine if their site is being accessed under Forum Fiend. Some implementations may want to alter UI or Stylesheets based on the presence of Forum Fiend.

Forum Fiend will also add a global ForumViewerCoreInterface JavaScript object to your site for accessing WebView API methods. Thus, the presence of Forum Fiend can also be detected in JavaScript by checking for the existence of the window.ForumViewerCoreInterface object.

setProperty Interface

Forum Fiend will add a window.ForumViewerCoreInterface.setProperty(key,value) function to your website that will allow you to customize several aspects of the Forum Fiend interface. Below is a reference to things you can do with the setProperty function, as well as some code examples. All keys and values must be text strings.

User Account

To personalize your forum or site for your Forum Fiend users, you can display their logged account username and avatar on the main forum listing screen. Use the following two properties to set the user's details.

fvc-logged-usernameusername or "0" for not logged in
fvc-logged-avatarfull URL to avatar image file (png,jpg,gif supported) or "0" for no avatar

window.ForumViewerCoreInterface.setProperty("fvc-logged-username","little bobby");

Pagination Bar

Forum Fiend can provide a pagination bar at the bottom of the screen with controls for first/last/next/previous page. The following table lists the pagination related properties, followed by a code example.

fvc-show-pagination"true" or "false"
fvc-pagination-pagedispex: "5 of 10"
fvc-pagination-firsturl: ""
fvc-pagination-lasturl: ""
fvc-pagination-nexturl: ""
fvc-pagination-previousurl: ""

window.ForumViewerCoreInterface.setProperty("fvc-pagination-pagedisp","5 of 10");

Colors and Theme

There are several properties related to the appearance of the site under Forum Fiend.

fvc-themeTitle/Status Bar Colors, hex string
fvc-page-foregroundgeneral foreground (text) color, hex string
fvc-page-backgroundgeneral background color, hex string


Slide-Out Menu

The left-hand slide-out menu can be customized using the window.ForumViewerCoreInterface.addMenuItem(name,icon,url,color) function. The following lists the parameter values expected for the function.

nameThe name of the menu item. If set to "CLEARMENU" will reset all custom menu items.
iconabsolute url to a png icon for the menu item
urlabsolute url to navigate to when the menu item is selected
coloroptional hex color mask for the icon, or null

window.ForumViewerCoreInterface.addMenuItem("Latest Posts","","",null);
window.ForumViewerCoreInterface.addMenuItem("Exciting Section","","",null);

Application Toolbar

The top actionbar/toolbar of the Forum Fiend app can also be customized using the window.ForumViewerCoreInterface.addToolbarItem(name,url,icon,secondary) function.

nameThe name of the menu item. If set to "CLEARTOOLBAR" will reset all custom menu items.
urlabsolute url to navigate to when the menu item is selected
icona named icon, reference below, ex "back" or "chat"
secondaryboolean value, if true will force the toolbar item into the drop down menu

window.ForumViewerCoreInterface.addToolbarItem("New Post","","add",false);
window.ForumViewerCoreInterface.addToolbarItem("Sign Out","",null,true);

Named Icons

Here is a list of available named icons you can try out. These can be used for both Toolbar and Menu items, but toolbar items require a named icon (menu icons can be a URL).
2y ago

Everytime I lock the screen on my computer (Windows 10) the game pauses and nothing happens with the resources. Is there a way to keep the game running in the background?
6y ago
So, just researched education again, and this time I noticed that the high school wasn't filling up with workers, even though I have unemployed people. Is this a bug, or do I just have to get lucky with my immigrants and hope that one of them has high enough IQ to stat teaching others, who will in turn fill up the teaching force? Is there any way to FORCE someone into the teaching position or will it have to fill itself up?

Edit: After some time with the app open in the background while I tested some stuff out in another colony in the background, I cam back to still no new workers in my high school, nor in my college. But, there were students. I figured that at this rate the schools were never going to get filled in by workers so I decided to just throw down some more road systems and a few more research facilities to see if they would get filled in and after flipping my stuff back to visible (I build roads in the view setting where you cant see any of the buildings just their footprints) I noticed there was one worker in my high school and three workers in my college. I'm not sure what I did to provoke this sudden influx of teachers, but it anyone has had the same issue or even found a simple way to force people to realize its there and make them work, it would be great for future reference along with any that has the same issue as me. Thanks for any help or feedback!
A youth-oriented simulation game that has you build an aquarium. Could run in background and have Ape App tie-ins with the decorations. You upgrade your fish, tank size, background, decorations, pumps/filters, and food.

Please tell me what you think and please comment to expand this.

Thank you.
5y ago
Due to some long standing issues with the BBCode parsing here on the website, I have decided to completely rewrite the BBCode parsing engine. The result is a greatly improved engine (I think) that fixes a lot of the previous little issues, although it does come with some breaking changes and depreciation of some tags.

In this post I will describe the changes that have been brought on by this new engine rewrite.


I am removing the #hashtag feature from the site, and the "Trending Tags" page will be going away as well. This feature was never used anyway, and parsing out the # symbol from hashtags has always been a major pain, as it conflicted with specifying hex color codes (like #ff0000) in several BBCode tags. It also had a tendency to create hashtags in places where you didn't want one. So from now on, the hashtag is gone, Twitter can have it.

box, transbox and align property

The forum had the box and transbox tags, which accepted an align property, allowing you to "float" the box to the left or right of a post. The regular box tag also had a separate property you could set to specify the background color. In addition, the img tag also had an optional alignment property. To me this was all a jumbled mess, and I wanted to change things up so that each tag was constrained to a specific purpose.

For this reason, I have changed things up a bit. Firstly, the align property has been removed from boxes and images. Now if you want to align any element, you can place it inside the new float tag, which takes an argument of left or right, which will align the element to the left or right of the post, wrapping text content around it.

Next, the transbox tag has been depreciated, and replaced with the new container tag. Existing transboxes will convert to the new container syntax. The container tag is used to constrain elements, like images, to a specific size, and requires the size attribute. It works like this:

[container=180]This text would be constrained into a block with a width of 180px.[/container]
This text would be constrained into a block with a width of 180px.

To replicate the old transbox align property, you would simply place the container tag inside of the new float tag.

Look at me, I am a totally helpful tip off to the side here!
The box tag loses the align and width specification properties, with it's only property now being able to set the background color. To set the width or alignment, you would place a box inside of a container and a float, like so.
[float=right][container=200][box=#B3E5FC]Look at me, I am a totally helpful tip off to the side here![/box][/container][/float]

Spoiler, Collapse, and Popup Labels

When you use the spoiler, collapse, or popup tags with a custom label attribute, all text in the custom label must now be placed inside of quotes.

[popup="Quotes Needed"]If you do not have quotes, only the first word in the label will appear![/popup]

Horizontal Lines and Continue Reading

Tags with no ending tag are no longer supported, with the exception of the [*] bullet tag inside of a list. Because of this, the hr tag now needs to be matched with an ending tag.



In addition, the more tag, which can be used on Blog format walls/profiles to add a shortened version of your post on the main blog page with a "Continue Reading" link, must now also be ended in the same way. Failing to end the more tag will cut off the remainder of your post!

Auto Links

I am also removing the feature that automatically created links. So instead of being automatically turned into a clickable link, you must now specifically place it into a url tag. The reason for this one relates to spammers, who traditionally make a post full of url's that automatically get turned into links back to their spam content. I figure that it's not overly difficult to just put your link inside of a url tag if you really need an external link.


Beyond these changes, I think most things should work as before, although the code change was pretty big so I am sure there are some things that are no longer working. I have updated the Code Reference page with new examples of all of the tags. Let me know in this thread if you find errors, or if you have requests for new BBCode tags to be added!
4y ago
I hope you are all having a great today! Today I am releasing My Colony 2 v0.12.0, which includes quite a bit of new content. I have also submitted this build to both the Google Play store and the Amazon App Store so that I can start getting better feedback on mobile performance and UI! MC2 is really starting to shape up into a real game now, so let's take a look at what is new in this release!

First, you may notice that My Colony 2 now has a proper title background image instead of a blank grey screen, which of course looks a lot nicer. Modders can obviously customize this to be whatever they want.

I started adding in the interface for the in-game encyclopedia, which you can see from the main slide-out menu. The only section so far is the in-game credits, which are automatically generated based on username data attached to game data and .vpp files. Check it out if you want to see who has all helped on the game so far! The neat thing is that the credits will be different when you activate a mod, so that you can see information on the mod creator as well.

Since the game is starting to get more resources, I made a change to the resource readout bar. It will appear static as normal until your resource list takes up more space than can fit on one line, then it will begin scrolling like it does in My Colony 1.

Speaking of resources, I added two new ones to this release, Rum and Sugar! I always thought that Rum in MC1 should have been made out of sugar instead of food, so that is how it works now in My Colony 2. Sugar is obtained through the new Sugar Extraction Lab which extracts trace sugars from your excess food. Rum is naturally made as the new Distillery. Unlock these structures with the new Microgravity Brewing tech.

As you may have noticed in the background of the above picture, the Solar Tower from MC1 has returned. You can unlock it using the new High Density Solar Panels tech.

Some good new structures pulled from @GeneralWadaling 's voxel batch have been added, including the Regolith Processing Plant, and Greenhouse Park, and the Trading Depot.

The Regolith Processing Plant is a superior version of the Regolith Compactor on Lunar maps. The Greenhouse Park is sort of like the Green Dome from MC1, except it will produce some food as well. The Trading Depot currently only generates a bit of cash, but is eventually going to be used to facilitate trade between players on the same world. So stay tuned for that.

You can now start generating Civics using the new Civic Center! The Civic Center is unlocked with the Colonial Civics tech. Civics in MC2 are slightly different from MC1, in that they are stored at the settlement level and are not shared between settlements, even if you have a logistics center. Civics are going to determine the "city level" of a settlement, and be a factor in deciding what sort of government options a city has available.

I have made a lot of fixes to pavement rendering in this release. In addition, Pavement is now slightly depressed into the ground once built. It is fairly subtle, but you can notice it when the lighting is right.

In addition, the engine can now automatically generate brick road patterns for pavement, which I demonstrate in this release with the addition of the Solar Road. I also want to add checkered pavement generation, which will probably be coming in the next update or so.

There are more little changes here and there, and you will see them as you play. For now though, I want to thank everyone for playing, leaving feedback, and helping with content! The next few updates are all going to be big on content, so stay tuned for more!

2y ago
Thanks for the info @GeneralWadaling

In other news, I have reworked the UI that shows the city name above the cities on the map. It now looks like this:

On the left side, you will have the logo of the faction you selected, with the background color being your empire color. On the right box, you have your city population number. The background color will be green if your city is growing, yellow of it's staying neutral, and red if it is shrinking. On the top is obviously the city name, and if the city is your capital, it will have the star icon next to it. And finally at the bottom will be your status bars. The Green bar is your population growth bar, and your city will grow when it fills. The gray bar is your production bar, and will only show up if your city is building something. There is also a red health bar, and it will only show if your city health is less than 100%.
2y ago
I have a new map mode suggestion, apart from regular single city and region. In this mode, the map is infinite.
Core Functions:

There will be obviously render distance, similar to MC2. You can adjust this in the engine settings and variable can be 50x50, 100x100, 200x200, and 500x500 for those high end pcs. This settings is for ingame, buildable, interactable setting.

For when you do move (pan up, down, left, right), the game will decompile/compile to load those size-controlled chunks. This process will happen in the background, similar to when the game autosaves in the background, so that you can still move around and stuff, not be stuck waiting for chunks to load.
The way the resources will come in from other compiled chunks is that the game will calculate the buildings' resource production and add upon the resource stat. The time interval for each time the game adds the resource can be how it is collected when you are in region view, but I figured that it could be 8 times faster intervals ((theUsualRegionResourceStatTimer) / 8), or it can be 4 times fast intervals, or engine settings (2x, 4x, 8x, up to 16x). This though depends on performance reasoning, so if you decide just to stick with 4x faster than region collection timer, it's fine.

When you load the game save, have it so it's like region view so that you can easily go to that chunk instead of loading into the game right away and move to that spot while it decompiles/compiles. These chunks from region view can be a simple 100x100 chunk distance between each other, so not necessary engine settings. It's good for you to have region view so that you can practically 'teleport' to that part of this infinite map conveniently better.
My Reasoning For This:

The reason why I want this cool mode because I always thought and wished of having it and I thought it won't be a whole another long project, as it only requires a few extra functions. I always wanted to just build those ore refineries forever and ever in those lines lol, and ofcourse watching my steel go up, making the game really fun for the user. Also, it could be a potential premium feature or not, this is obviously up to you.
Questions From U Guys And Developer Bast:

If there are any questions or problems as you think it might be hard to develop this feature, let me know so I can help and hopefully find a solution.
I hope this might be popular. :)

Last thing, I did see RekEm1999's post ( ), much later after this thought of this feature. I hope this could be a better solution, because it would be buggy if region maps' grid overlaps or something when switching cities, so that I want to point out, but overall idea, I'm with RekEm1999.
[[2]] QOL Improvements:

Add upgrade for Potato Patch (Potato patch to Advanced Hydroponics),
Add upgrade for Charcoal compactor (Charcoal compactor to Charcoal converter),
Add upgrade for Charcoal pile (Charcoal pile to Subterranean Charcoal Cavern).

It will be cool to see when you are building, you can click on one corner and click on some other side (kind of Voxel Paint's fill option) and you can build mass amounts of buildings quickly and conveniently. I think it would be a great addition to the building category, as for some people in region cities would like to just easily build building blueprints using less time.
[[3]] Additive Content (Not majorly suggesting):

Add tiers for:

- Ore Refinery,
- Microchip Factory,
- Textile Mill,
- Ant Paste Synthesizer,
- Charcoal Converter,
- Gold Synthesis Lab,
- Cloning Facility,
- Shipyard,
- Helium Nanomine (if you not planing with Gold Synthesis Lab or other buildings, but recommended not
to do this buildings (Helium Nanomine) to find reason for other buildings individual uniqueness in
resource production),
- Any other building I missed that is tiered from a previous building, obviously not all buildings,
- Obviously not all buildings will get upgrades.
- Tech for these buildings will be in Simulated Fabrication (The 35B Research one).

Overall point is that this 'simulated colony' is fabricated virtual resources and is sending it to the real colony.
Building themes (colors, etc) can relate to Simulated buildings like Nanite Factory and Software Studio.
Some existing buildings might be adjusted (example: Brick Factory, being very vigorous in it's fast production) to balance out the game and have that feel of My Colony - ness.

Again, not wanting this 'upgrade tier' feature, but a potential.
Have a good day!

Notes: Important Targets for this suggestion: Only [[1]] and [[2]].
Why am I not able to print a background image on the month of the calendar from my andriod phone?
1y ago
I have just posted an update to the Level Up Builder. Per suggestion from @OilChan , you can now set a music track to play on the main title screen. In addition, you can now set a static background image for the title screen, instead of having the game choose a random zone background. Finally, the Items and Enemies sections now have Clone and Delete options, and you can change the game's internal ID number as well (this will be important in the future when I add the ability to submit Level Up games to the Player app).

If you have any other ideas and suggestions for the Level Up engine, just let me know! The new title music and image options should be live in the Player in a couple of days, I still need to update that app in order for it to be able to read the new options in the game files.
8mo ago
My Colony 2 is in the middle of a major overhaul to both it's logic and rendering engines. This update brings many changes that have been suggested by the community, so let's take a look at what is here and what is soon to come.

From a technical standpoint, My Colony 2 v0.40.0 (the previous release) and v0.41.0 (this release) are not even the same game. What started as a suggestion from @spamdude to process foreground settlement logic the same way background settlements are processed basically transformed into a complete rewrite of the game's server code. There is now almost no similarity in the way the game is processed compared to previous releases.

Everything in My Colony 2 is now simulated based on structure statistics, the only exception being unit/resource harvesting. This was actually going to be the original design for My Colony 2, but when I was soliciting community feedback at the beginning, there was a strong preference to have 100% accurate production stats with visible structure output bars, so the idea was scrapped (I was also going to simulate resource harvesting but that was also not a popular idea). With settlements and worlds now getting larger and larger though, I think it became apparent to many that the simulated model was best, and the game engine has now been rewritten accordingly.

This update is all about game performance, and the logic thread of the game should now be able to handle games that are several orders of magnitude larger than the largest colonies currently in existence. It is possible that some things might currently be broken or might not be working the way they were. Honestly I changed so many things this update that it would be quite easy for something to have slipped through the cracks, so please let me know in this thread or elsewhere in the forum what I may have missed. In general though, expect game performance to be much improved in this update.

Since I was already working on performance, I have been wanting to make a change to the Scroll3D engine for some time related to 3d model instancing. Basically, instead of creating a new 3d model for each structure in the game, you create one "instance" of the model which is reused/redrawn by the GPU multiple times. If you would like to see an example on how this can impact performance, please see the following WebGL example that the new code was inspired by:

The reason I could not easily do this, is because 3d models using regular materials could not have both the regular face colors and the glowing "emissive" face colors without using two separate 3d models. Ultimately what I had to do was write my own custom 3d model shader material for Voxel Paint files, which now allows for regular, emissive, and metallic faces in one single model.

Lightmaps and Metallic maps are now baked right into the 3d model geometries when they are compiled in Voxel Paint. If models do not have this infomation baked in, they will need to be recompiled by the engine at run time. I already went through and recompiled most of the models in the game (especially the larger ones) so I don't think it will be much of a problem for MC2, and Voxel Paint will now automatically do this for all .vpp files going forward. This data actually makes precompiled .vpp files slightly larger, but it's not by much and I think it is worth it.

Using the new model light and metallic maps does incur a slight performance cost, as there is more shader processing that needs to be done on the models. For this reason, I have introduced two new engine settings for turning on/off voxel emissive and metallic properties. If you are on a mobile or do not have much of a GPU on your system, you can try turning them both off and seeing if it helps.

This update also removes the Depth of Field effect (Bokeh effect) from the game, the effect that would blur out the background. I might bring this back in the future, but it just wasn't focusing correctly and I did not have time to properly debug it.

So those are the main engine changes in this update. It might not seem like a ton, but it's basically all I have been working on for the past several weeks. TBH there is probably more that needs done too (please let me know), but I can't keep grinding on this update for MC2 while all of my other projects slip behind schedule, so further changes will need to wait.

There are some minor content related changes as well. Firstly, the Tree Farm and the Palm Sapling are now buildable on the Forest World, which was an accidental oversight on my part. In addition, the Spice Den can now be built on the Spice World again.

3D model art has been updated for the following structures: Barracks, Construction Yard, City Hall, Golden Shelter and Spice Drilling Operation.

Finally, two new structures from @spamdude have been added to the game, the Crystalline Trap and the Crystallizer Array, both Ice World exclusives.

I know there are now quite a few Voxel Art submissions waiting to be added to the game in the backlog. I hope to be able to get to all of these in the next update, and if I don't have to end up rewriting the whole game again then my plan is to work on those for 0.42.0. There are also changes that need to be made to the GBT to address spamming and other issues, and those are also on the list.

Hopefully the next update will not be so technically intensive and I can go back to adding fun stuff, but that will depend on how many bugs these changes introduced, so please let me know what issues you find in this release, thanks for playing mc2 and stay tuned for more!

4mo ago
Welcome to
Astro Corporation

Astro Corporation is a proud member of the First Future Federation and is dedicated to the growth and prosperity of our Colonies.

6y ago
1. Security Certification. Get it. No reason not to IMO. But I dunno what that takes also.
2. Line between posts is a bit too faint.
3. Account Settings, Avatars, Signatures, Profile Info.
4. Forum links at the TOP of the front page, and on the page period for ALL pages, including the Account Settings page which currently only has a link to the front of the page.
5. Shoutbox like the last site. If I have a really situational, temporary problem I need fixed NOW, I gotta have a place to post where I don't have to worry about making a clone thread of a thread that's already a thing, but I can't find it because the search function isn't that good.
6. If possible, Tags on forum threads. To be added by any mods if they weren't added already. IF also possible, auto-complete categories for specific tags, said categories, instead of being established by the users, established at first by the mods, then by request maybe.
7. Search functionality on the forum to interface with forum thread tags so searching for your problem is WAY easier.
8. If no signatures are a thing, then a place to put u to 4 links, and a place to list our Bases in the various games by Ape Apps that can HINGE on player cooperation, or player cooperation is massively valuable, like My Colony for example.
9. Darker grey boxes and lighter grey boxes to help differentiate posts from the background itself. This is really more for appearances sake. Seeing the posts look like they're attached to the backgronud, while it's good in theory, in practice people usually don't do it well, and IMHO it's not in this instance. Looks sort of hastily done. Works well when doing a Minimalist approach to webpage design.
10. Separation visually of the forum/text bodies on any page from the Header of the web page. This is usually done because it makes a site look ALOT better than when it's not there.
11. Forum thread auto-locking to prevent people from crying about thread Necroing, gate it at maybe half a year. After a year of no activity, a thread automatically locks itself, or something like that. Or, even better, said thread deletes itself.
Either that, or as far as forum rules go, Necroing doesn't exist.

IMHO, the site's a bit too young and incomplete to announce a migration to it and have people probly go for it, because the last forum just looks 500% better and doesn't have feature gaps. Ofcourse this is purely temporary and it's probly a WIP, but these are just my truthful opinions, ofcourse given because I love My Colony and by extension, I love Ape Apps and the forums themselves.
6y ago
It is happening to me as well. It doesn't happen instantly, and doesn't seem to have a cause that I can pinpoint. It will just go white shortly after you do just about anything, and doesn't seem to run in the background. If you close the game, reopen and reload, it doesn't save what you did before the white screen.
6y ago
Have been playing this great game for days without issues regarding lag times or slowdowns until today.

The game was running just fine, I saved then closed the game. When I start the game a few hours later there is a continuous lag lasting about 5-6 seconds. The numbers refresh and another lag making it completely unplayable.

Charter Code - 2kfzwY5e (Tetra, Bikini Bottom)

Let me know if further info is needed.
6y ago
Hi everyone

there is this centered Button at the very bottom of the screen (Android Version) that give you a quick access to the available building construction despite capabilities of any currently selected building rover. Buildings that are currently unavailable due to some missing resources have a red-ish kind of background.
I think it would be really helpful to have like e.g. an asterisk behind the buildings which you don't own any at all.
There is a suggestion to have a building-count that could be implemented this way, too like showing the number of buildings in brackets - however the idea behind my suggestion is not to show the count of a certain building type but to show if there is a single building of any given type at all - since some resources are generated by certain buildings and as such are crucial to advance the colony in general.

6y ago
I was wondering if lore could be added in, not major just background of the ancients and their relationship with the Zolarg, Humanity rise to power? I know you're a busy man so I don't need to acknowledge this. Like simple definitions on buildings to give a snippet something I could do to make me feel helpful or worth anything?
6y ago
The resource listing on mobile is hard to read because of the color contrasting. I actually have to move the map around a bit to get the listing atop a contrasting color to read certain resources. Perhaps make the expanded resource listing panel background white and opaque while the reduced panel retains the transparency.?

When resources decrease the reduced resource listing expands so when building something massive it's like the panel is not reduced at all. My suggestion is that when the panel is reduced to just show the resource icon and the red decreasing arrow and not include the numbers.
6y ago
Clean cache and history on your device then try loading the game .
All history and cache ( wile this just usually for the game its self you may have a app interfering with it .
also go to setting and force stop any app you don't need running ( other games even when not being played will be running in the background and also may be causing the problem
6y ago
colbya said:Clean cache and history on your device then try loading the game .
All history and cache ( wile this just usually for the game its self you may have a app interfering with it .
also go to setting and force stop any app you don't need running ( other games even when not being played will be running in the background and also may be causing the problem
tried still not working.
6y ago
Before iPhone8/iOS 11 the game was using a lot of cpu/battery my iPhone 7 still gets hot after some time playing. iOS works different than android and the game is not optimized for iOS. Maybe you can try closing apps in the background and avoid Snapchat while playing (I read it keeps using memory for a wile even if itโ€™s closed), or taking some breaks while playing.
Off topic: do you have any issues when saving your colony?
6y ago
Savingissues just with cloudsync. And in Not using snapchat at all. There are no background-Apps and it starts to heat up 2 - 5 mins in Game ๐Ÿ˜Œ
6y ago
Can we make it autosave when the app loses focus? I frequently am playing and I'll switch to another app for a while and when I come back I've lost the last few things I did because Android closed the app before it saved. I'm on Android Oreo which apparently is more aggressive about killing background apps. I know there's a setting I can change to tell Android not to kill MyColony but still a save would help those who don't know about that setting. :)
6y ago
The game doesn't run in the background. And I am ok with that. But if I'm playing and I switch to another app (say, got example, I get a phone call) I'd just like it to save so that whenever I do come back everything is how it was when I stopped playing. :).
6y ago
Just pushed out a quick release to My Colony, v0.47.0! It's not a major update, but it's majorly awesome (as always). Here is what's new:

My Colony v0.47.0 Changelog

New Stuff
  • New Structures: Diamond Solar Tower, Bureau of Bureaucracy, Cloth Farm, Relic Cauldron
  • On Desktop/Tablet devices, there is a new toggle in the building construction popup window that lets you turn building "chaining" on or off.
  • Insectoids gain the Alien Language tech that humans already have
  • Ice world is now slightly less dark
  • Giorgio Institute and Center for AI Learning now store Alien Relics
  • Star Gate can now import/export Alien Relics
  • Game will now auto-save when moved to the background
In addition to the above, there were quite a few changes not specific to the My Colony code, but to the individual "wrapper" apps that I use to port My Colony to Android, iOS, Desktop, and Windows 10 UWP, so please let me know if any bugs crop up that aren't necessarily related to My Colony itself. I think most things should be in order, but am most worried about the Windows Phone 10 version of My Colony, since I am unable to test it on a real device.

The next update is going to expand Zolarg alien tech, who now have access to both Relics and Artifacts. I added the ability to get artifacts so that Zolarg could start gaining access to some of the Human tech tree items, which all require artifacts in the later stages. Zolarg alien buildings will probably be purple similar to the human ones, and will start infusing tech into the Zolarg colonies.

I am also going to try to add full gamepad support to My Colony in the next update, and possibly try to release it on both Android/Fire TV and Xbox One. It already has partial gamepad support which you can test now by plugging an Xbox 360 USB controller into your PC, but there is a lot that needs cleaned up before it's ready for the TV.

One final note, I believe My Colony v0.47.0 and the current build of Antiquitas both have the following bug, which I am unable to pin down, where the Ice World has a partial shaded box covering the entire map. See the following thread for an example:
If you have this issue please post in that thread with all relevant information so I can try to get it squashed before the next update.

That's all for now, the next update will probably be before next weekend, depending on how busy I get. Enjoy!
6y ago
To improve the League Trade Authority, rather than having a list of different offers from sellers and buyers. Instead, collect all posts of a single item together, grouped by price, showing the lowest 3 prices to buy at and highest 3 prices to sell at each with a number of units in total. That way it makes it simpler, but also means that if someone posts an offer selling 20,000 food but you only want 5,000 then you'd be able to buy 5,000 of that 20,000. Anything that doesn't make the top 3 highest sell and lowest buy prices is in the background, so if all the volume of any of the top prices is bought, the next highest/lowest price moves into view. It's similar to how trading markets work. I made a mockup of it in excel to explain it better. I've included a photo of what that looks like. Hope it's useful. :)

6y ago
There should be colony ranks for public colonies. So if a colony has like 2000 colonists or more, on its website it could say "Popular" or some kind of title next to the colony name. Same thing for commonwealths. In the Commonwealth choosing tab, it could say "Inhabited" next to the name if there are more than 10 colonies in there. Just so people get more pride in accompolishments in their colonies and commonwealths. It could inspire people to play more y'know.

Also, you could get a pile of resources when you reach a certain level of colonists in your colony or commonwealth. Or you can even unlock a TECH when you reach like a million colonists.

I also have Building Ranks based on how much a building produces. There are no ranks for buildings that take resources.

I added Colonist Ranks. These will display next to every colonist's name when you select them OR when you go to the list of colonists. This may degrade performance, so maybe there should be an option to turn colonist ranking off. There are based on how much a colonist works.

Colony Ranks:
Vacant: <=3 colonists
Household: >3 colonists
Neighborhood: >25 colonists
Town: >50 colonists
Lively Town: >150 colonists
City: >1000 colonists
State: >5600 colonists
Nation: >10000 colonists AND Independence
Populated Nation: > 15000 colonists And independence
Planet of Life: > 50000 colonists
Expanding Planet: > 250000 colonists
Overpopulating Planet: > 1 MIL colonists
Holy Planet: > 2 MIL colonists

Commonwealth Ranks:
Vacant: 1 colony
Solar System: >1 colony
Lively Solar System: >4 colonies
Combined Solar Systems: >8 colonies
Tiny Galaxy: >25 colonies
Galaxy: >50 colonies
Lively Galaxy: >75 colonies
Parallel Universe: >250 colonies
Holy Commonwealth: >260 colonies

Building Ranks:
Useless: <100 dollars of resources resources produced
Useful: >100 dollars* of resources produced
Productive: >1000$ of resources produced
Amazing: >1,000,000$ of resources produced
Mass Producer: >100,000,000$ of resources produced
Holy Producer: >1,000,000,000$ of resources produced

*bastecklein, you can decide how much each resource is worth.

Colonist Ranks**:
Lazy: <1 minute worked
Interested: >5 minutes worked
Productive: >10 minutes worked
Holy: >25 minutes worked

**minutes are in real life minutes. Also, the timer only ticks when the colonist owner is ONLINE, and NOT in the background.

NOTE: I havent worked on rewards for titles yet.

6y ago
There should be a bot called Autobot. The user can program the bot when they click on it. It will be a popup screen like the pavement upgrade thingy.
Users will be able to drag & drop blocks from a menu into a workspace to program it.
Users will be able to program it using text.

New Tech

Cost: 500000 research
Requires techs:
Artificial Intelligence

New Vehicle
500 microchip
20 al
500 o
50000 w
500 g
5000 s
1 u
Requires Techs:

It won't run when the user isn't online. It won't run when it is in the background. It will run when the computer focus screen is on My Colony. The Autobot will consume Fuel and Microchips over time. Fuel will be a new material. It will also consume water for cooling. If there is not enough water for 15 seconds, it explodes.
New Building

Fuel Factory
Workers: 18
Tile size 2x2
Catergory: Resources
10000 microchip
1000 o
1000 s
10 g
10 al
10 u
1000 oil
Smelts 1 oil, 1 water
Produces 1 fuel
Round duration: 2000 ticks
Requires Techs:

Power -14

Motherland Tax: -50$

I will be posting more graphics soon.
6y ago
On the in-development web v0.49.0 game, I have just added a new performance related engine setting that you can test out, the Check Render Distance toggle:

This setting is On by default (and has been enabled for several versions of the game now). Basically, the engine splits large buildings up into small segments and draws them each segment at a time in the proper view order, so that buildings and vehicles in the background do not show up when they are not supposed to. This can slow down rendering on some devices though, so I have added in the option to turn this feature off in order to improve performance.

If you disable this option, you will notice graphical glitches which may appear familiar to people who have played earlier versions of the game. But if you are more concerned with performance than with graphical accuracy, you may wish to disable the feature and live with the glitches.

The glitches are a result of using an isometric perspective with the game instead of just a straight grid. The buildings are all normal 2d graphics, but are projected in a fake 2.5d-ish plane, whereby on larger buildings (such as the capitol), the "back" of the building is much further away from the camera than the front, but being one static image, the building has to be drawn from the top-left corner of the actual image file. This means that on larger buildings, vehicles and other smaller buildings which are drawn after the larger building actually show through the larger building.

To get around this limitation, the engine now "chops" all images up into pieces 1/2 tile width, and then stitches them together in an appropriate order. On large buildings though, this can turn one drawing operation into 20 or more. On some devices it's no big deal. but on some it can be a deal breaker. Play with the toggle and see what works best for you!
6y ago
Change your power settings option if it is similar like Win 7
6y ago
I suppose my return to both of your replies is this.

The game doesn't run in the background. I only runs when you have it open. You would still have to be watching the game to have it even function. By that definition, I don't really call it an idle game. To me an idle game is one I can leave closed for a week and come back to do a few clicks and then close it again. You already have to leave the game open and run for a few hours at times as it is late game for your aluminum generators and the like to build up resources, so if you're saying doing that makes it an idle game, then it's already there.

As for the factories and buildings that automate resources, you can't always build those on every planet. Or you're not at the point where you can yet, and the automation becomes something useful early on and then less used later. There are already several structures that are essential early on and then get replaced by better or more convenient ones late game, so I feel it wouldn't be an issue.
6y ago
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