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My Colony v0.52.0 Released

Welcome everyone! Today I am releasing My Colony v0.52.0, the Christmas 2017 update! What makes it a Christmas update? Why, all of the goodies inside of it (of course). Here are the changes:

My Colony v0.52.0 Changelog

New Stuff
  • New Structure: Crystal Vaporizer
  • New Maps: Earthlike (human), Lava World (Zolarg
  • New Units: Extremeobug, Obsidiobug, Rover Transport, Queen and Airborne Lander (sort of new)
  • New Resource: Obsidian
  • New Modding Option: Map Editor
  • Water (and the new Lava) tiles now have a slight 'shore' texture around them instead of hard-ending at the edge of a tile. The shore pieces connect when multiple waters are placed next to each other.
  • The U.E. Lander can now launch and turn into the Airborne Lander, which can be moved to a new location.
  • Likewise, the Zolarg Mound can now transform into the Queen and move to a new location.
  • Slight gameplay change, Zolarg Mounds can no longer be built, you must build the new Queen unit first and then turn the Queen into a Mound.
  • Removed Power and resource consumption requirements from Creative Mode
  • Increased storage of the Charcoal Pile
The biggest change here is the addition of the new Lava World, which has a few new features not seen before in the game, including moving terrain elements and natural disasters. I won't go too much into it, you can read more about the Lava World in the Lava World thread I made the other day:

The other big change is the addition of an engine feature allowing buildings to "pack-up" into units (and vice versa) so that they can be moved to a new location. I will probably expand this for other structures in the future.

The other big change for Premium users is the new Map Editor, found in the Mod Tools section. This lets you start with a blank map and add in any terrain feature found in the game. If the feature proves popular, I will expand on it, adding more terrain elements and features. Once Accounts are integrated into the game, I am also going to add the ability to upload both custom maps and texture mods to the My Colony server right from within the game, and add a section where users can download mods without having to leave the game.

Now then, this will be the last My Colony update for a few weeks. Besides for holiday travels I have coming up, there are a lot of other things I want to get caught up on over the next few weeks, including getting my servers ready for finally ditching Facebook and adding Ape Apps accounts into the game. There are also big improvements and changes to the Forum, the Chat, and the general Ape Apps Account experience coming very soon. Also, the My Colony website is going to get basically a complete overhaul.

I will return to My Colony development in mid-January with the long awaited introduction of the evil Reptilians. Just for a background, the Reptilians are the alien race that had previously enslaved the Insectoids. The Insectoids were under brutal Reptilian rule until one brave insectoid named Zolarg overthrew the Reptilians and founded the Zolarg Empire. Many Insectoid worlds are now under the protection of the Zolarg Empire, but there are also many insectoid worlds that are still enslaved by the Reptilians. This will come into play with the new Reptilian worlds, which (on the galactic map) are going to be pretty close to the Zolarg worlds. You will see when the Reptilians come out that they employ poor insectoids as slave labor throughout their colonies. Reptilians are also playing a hand in United Earth/LIS politics, but this will not be a factor in My Colony (only in the upcoming Colony Wars). The Reptilians are also more technologically advanced than both the Insectoid and the Humans, and the are going to have cool new features not found in the other colonies. So stay tuned, much more to come!
well one thing I discovered is the lumber rover can harvest mega trees .
So some details on how to save more then one modded map would be helpfull .
And as I said in an reply on my new mod maps post .
I think being able to mine any resource that can be placed on a map would be a good thing to add even if it meens bugs and humans on the same world .
PS totally love the new lava world and being able to make maps
BTW just how do we use the new flying bots anyway ??
what new flying bots?
How about bots that can fly over the water and lava, create structures abive them, thus having new features for the game.
Ex. Amphibious Bot for Water to create Oil Derrick and Lighthouse

Or Lava Walker Bot that can build Lava power Plant that can only be build over the Lava tiles
Whoo! I just created a mega-sized lava world and dang it's CRAZY! One volcanic eruption totaled one of my settlements. Thankfully I had several scattered all over the map.

I am absolutely loving this update.
Commonwealth of Groddle
Groddle | Bell's Pyramid | Glitch
Is the unemployment + off duty problem solved?
well i see you used the medum map for the map editor it would be really nice to be able to pick the map size along with editing it ( alest up to extra large if my junk can fun it any thing can lol .
All of this is well and good, but I am looking forward to some bugfixes that have nothing to do with Zolarg plays.
Is Win 10 version updated? I deleted the game and redownload today, but it still in version 0.51.
moonymoon said:Is Win 10 version updated? I deleted the game and redownload today, but it still in version 0.51.

you know that it auto updates when its available right?
My Colony

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