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The most popular MC2 mod gets a fresh rework!

My Colony 2 Sandbox V2.0
➳ Game Version: v0.22.0

Hello everyone, I finally got around to remaking MC2 Sandbox on the newest version. A lot has changed since V1, in the mod and the game itself, but the mod's core purpose is the exact same.
Main features:
- Sandbox mode! All structures and units cost 0 of their resource. This means that you need to unlock the resource first, but you still won't need to shell it out to build a structure or a unit.
- Free research! All research goals require no research resource.
- Build things you normally can't build! Added Admin Rover which builds unbuildable buildings, and Admin Spawning Tower, which builds unbuildable units.

Hope you enjoy!
DEV note: This version has the same GameID as V1.
8mo ago
Nope I acutely had a charter ask me to gift it once lol .
But again Nop ( ps buy the game use the new sandbox mode )
Every thing unlocked and no cost to build .
May be just the thing the game needs to draw in the lazy kids .
Lol I have alest 4 colony's with every thing unlocked and having trillions resources are no problem so after a point the game becomes a sandbox anyway .
5y ago
Hello everyone!
Do you miss Sandbox from My Colony 1? Well then miss no further! This mod is just for you.
DOWNLOAD (1.1.1/newest):

- All buildings cost 0 resources (free)
- Storage buildings now store 9,999,999 of their resource
- Really cool logo
- Rovers move insanely fast
Known Issues:
- No resources are being given to the player at game start (Engine bug/not necessary/will fix later)
Usage terms:
Use how you want. It's up to you. Credit me if you'd like, it's appreciated.


V1.0 (Release) - 23 Mar 2021

V1.0.1 (Hotfix) - 23 Mar 2021
+ Added the Ore Fracking Operation (Removed by accident)
* All production buildings now produce 9,999,999 resources per 1 tick
* All conversion buildings now convert 1 input resource into 9,999,999 output resources per 1 tick
* 9,999,999 of every resource is given to the player when game starts

V1.0.2 (Hotfix) - 23 Mar 2021
- All conversion and production buildings now produce or convert resources at the vanilla rate
+ Fixed bug where rovers would be stuck extracting 9,999,999 resources from a deposit

V1.0.3 (Hotfix) - 23 Mar 2021
+ Raw Materials Depot now costs 0 ore as opposed to 25 (Thanks @Vanguard )

V1.1.0 (My Colony 2 0.5.0) - 26 Mar 2021
* With the addition of new Utilities, buildings now require 0 Utilities. This means that you could need at least 1 Utility generated to make sure that the buildings work.
* All new buildings now cost 0 materials

V1.1.1 (My Colony 2 0.7.0) - 20 May 2021
* Updated all buildings to 0 cost and 9,999,999 storage.
1y ago
Vanguard said:Thank you. Here's few thing I noticed in V1.0.2:
- Raw Materials Depot is not free (needs 25 ore);
- Structures are not producing/converting at high rates as you described.

Thanks for the info. I must've missed the deposit, will fix in 1.0.3.
Resources will be produced normally as I wrote in the changelog. The reason for that change is that they really lagged the game for some reason, probably because they were making a lot of calculations every 1 tick. Everything costs 0 resources anyway so I think it won't be as much of a change. It's sandbox, not creative overall. Thanks again!
1y ago
Today I have released the 0.44.0 update to My Colony to all platforms. This update is another mixture of bug fixes and content updates, including the all new concept of waste management. Here are the details, with commentary to follow.

My Colony v0.44.0 Changelog

New Stuff
  • New Resource: Trash
  • New Structures: Microincinerator, Incinerator, Small Trash Pit, Landfill, Small Recycling Center, Medium Recycling Center, Conference Hall, Advanced Medical Research Center, Unholy Brew Pit
  • New Premium Content: Blue Residential Tower
  • Warehouses (of all sizes) now store Crystalline.
  • Canceling building construction mid-way now returns all resources back to the player.
  • New Galactic Emperor one-time windfall profits tax for online colonies.
I will discuss some of the additions and changes in a bit, but first I wanted to briefly mention some of the bug fixes that have been introduced. So I think that everybody knows the rover path-finding has been an issue for the last few updates, and it may well still be an issue now, but I think I have finally gotten it reduced to a manageable level. Please still issue bug reports on it though, because this one is a real pain.

I saw in the logs that most of the path finding errors were related to the path finding worker thread running out of memory. Several changes were made to address this. First, the engine's collision map is now only updated when new structures are either added or removed, whereas before it was being updated on a regular interval.

In addition, now when a rover (or colonist) decides to move from tile A to tile B, instead of going through the normal path finding routine, it will first check if both the starting and ending points are currently visible to the player. If the answer is no, then instead of going through full path finding, the game will just quickly check if there are any obstacles blocking the units path. If the path seems clear, the unit will become invisible for a simulated amount of time based on the distance between the two points, and then reappear at the destination. If its not obvious that the path is clear, the regular path finding will be used. Commonly used paths are now also saved and reused by rovers instead of going back to the path finder. For instance, if you are harvesting Clay, the game remembers the path from the clay mine to the warehouse and will keep reusing it until an obstacle appears in the way.

These changes greatly reduce the number of times the engine has to call up the path finder thread, providing both performance improvements and memory usage reductions.

I have also added a cap on how much immigration and colony statistics data that your game file will retain. Before it was unlimited, which could lead to large save files with colonies that have been operating for a long time. This change should reduce file sizes a bit, along with compression and save times.

There were also bug fixes added that related to lottery, taxation, and the amount of money the game assigned to new colonists. A glitch had arisen where there would be colonists walking around with trillions of dollars in their wallets. A change has been made to where this will no longer happen for new colonists, but if you have existing ultra-rich colonists, they will still be ultra rich.

Now on to the addition of Trash. Human residential structures now generate Trash, and it is up to the user to manage it. Right now there are no negative side effects, so colonies have a change to get on top of the situation. This will be changing soon though. Trash buildup will soon impact the health of the colonists, based on a ratio of trash per colonist. The threshold will be fairly low on trash too, although don't ask me what it is yet, as I will figure out the balancing at the time of implementation.

In a similar way, excess atmosphere will start causing colonist health issues. Once atmosphere surpasses the 15 million mark, colonists will begin getting sick. Unlike trash, the effect is much more subtle, so if you are worried about balancing trash vs atmosphere, I would advise that trash is the larger concern by far. Again, the exact numbers are unknown still, but I will figure out the balancing during implementation.

There were other changes and fixes in there which I don't remember off of the top of my head.

Moving on, I want to talk about what is coming next for My Colony. I already mentioned the changes related to Trash and Atmosphere. I planned on adding a lot more Zolarg this time, but I didn't get around to it. Next time I plan to implement most of the suggestions for Zolarg as found in this thread by @IIIStrife:

Also, for Premium players, I will be adding a new Creative Mode (offline only). It will basically just be a sandbox mode where everything is free and unlocked, and you can just build whatever you want.

So anyway, that's all I've got for now. Enjoy the update, report the bugs, and have fun!
5y ago
oh I love the sandbox mode!!
5y ago

Discord Only!!

Using any type of ground tile (ex: Grass, Roads, Sand, Water), try and create a christmas/new year themed picture/symbol/portrait in My Colony. Buildings are NOT allowed. You ARE allowed to use creative mode(sandbox mode) and premium items but the evaluation conditions will be harsher depending on what you use so be careful :)! Tile size Must be at least 10x10.

You will stand to win:

up to 8 million Aluminum & Uranium

Grand Wizards and Sorcerers can not participate in the NOZ Games.
5y ago
What got me into playing My Colony was a smartphone app, which my smartphone wasn't able to take. I'm currently playing it on my laptop, letting my colonists harvest stuff while I do other work (an idle game, heh).

I just built my colony, and after looking at the other colonies here that have been built, I realized that mine looks like a total, disorganized mess - in total an urban planning nightmare. The first time I played this game, there were no lights, no day-night cycles, but a recent update just added them.

I need help with a building layout that allows me to have a landing memorial in the center, while maximizing the work-to-population ratio (should ideally be somewhere near 1:1) and taking into the account the necessary light posts.

Please note, I am not a premium user, which means I cannot just sandbox anytime I want.
5y ago
Ver 1.6.0
Windows 10

After i got one of the 250 free premium upgrades i noticed this when i tried to create a new city:

As you can see, i have the premium but i can't use the sandbox world. (due to the lack of ads)
My believes are that this is due to the fact that the game is new and a creative mode isn't supported yet.
Anyone else?
4y ago
I think this is a step in the right direction, I hope everything goes well with these next few updates and look forward to it. The new regions idea sounds very interesting, I had a bit of a play around with it and I noticed that on the creative mode only the first city was a sandbox where everything is free and all other cities apart from the first requires standard play to get anything. Just a minor thing bug, but I like where this is going.
4y ago
Wubman said:I think this is a step in the right direction, I hope everything goes well with these next few updates and look forward to it. The new regions idea sounds very interesting, I had a bit of a play around with it and I noticed that on the creative mode only the first city was a sandbox where everything is free and all other cities apart from the first requires standard play to get anything. Just a minor thing bug, but I like where this is going.

oops, I didn't even check creative mode 😕
4y ago
So basically things started out like Rimworld or Oxygen not included, where the player has to worry about the individual colonists' needs and traits and keep them alive. In those games, getting new survivors takes a long time, always come one at a time, or often come as a reward for some quest or challenge. The player has to fight through every step in progression to keep their colonists alive(especially in oxygen not included, that game is a Masochist's dream.).

But honestly, I like MC as a city game. There are just certain games that naturally do well as a group survival type game and others that have more potential to be a city builder, and MC is one of the later. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy the former, those games are still very fun(and sometimes mentally abusive). I like the idea of "simcity" on the moon, or on mars, with different races. and MC honestly gives the best experience of that out of all other city builders I've played, and I've played surviving mars and Anno(The problem with those is that they are too restrictive on where you should build things, whereas Simcity and MC are more sandbox type.). I still think MC could do with some more environmental decorations as the flat terrain can get a little plain after a while, but the new regional generation is a big step up in my opinion.
3y ago
Ah, yes. I always think about the desktop version and never account for the others :p

Well, an in-game mods loader would be great for singleplayer (integrated server). If possible, a mod could take the form of a zip file and ppl just "import mod/extension", choose a file from filesystem and it imports it into the sandbox envi and then we can check/uncheck what mods we want to load! Might not work well for browser though, but...people should just download the desktop version ;)

That was for singleplayer. In any case, as the client fetches (missing) game content from the server, the standalone server app (for multiplayer) will be able to have that fairly easily, right?
- Go to main menu
- Click on "More Options"
- Click "Activate Mod"
- Choose the mod file
- You're done! Thanks for using MC2:S
1y ago
Thanks ! This will very much help the MC2 translators to test their translations in game !

Small tweak to the thread but you should maybe put the latest version on the top I nearly got confused by downloading v1.0.0
Btw the rovers are so fast we can barely select them once they start harvesting haha
Thank you. Here's few thing I noticed in V1.0.2:
- Raw Materials Depot is not free (needs 25 ore);
- Structures are not producing/converting at high rates as you described.
1y ago
Awesome @itsLiseczeq , thank you for posting the first mod to the game!
1y ago
bastecklein said:Awesome @itsLiseczeq , thank you for posting the first mod to the game!

Thank you for creating this awesome game! I will continue updating the mod (at least until you release creative mode) And congrats on 500 likes.. hehehe... :)
1y ago
Updated for 0.7.0!
1y ago
McPhisto2051 said:...

- The dropdown menu workers doesn't show anything as human, perhaps remove it (only for humans)

In custom games (sandbox mode), you can use it, since you can have all the races together. I've tried it with himans and Zolarg. It is also the reason why (I thnk) that the stats has human and non-human workers listed, even though most of the time it would be only one or the other.
11mo ago
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