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Gifting between Off line colonys

I am surprised no ones asked this .
with off line games the colonys will all be on the same pc so no internet connection would be need to use trades or gifting off line between colonys on the same device .
we use the offline because you can have internet probleme (like me)and if you been disconed you lose your progression to your last save , to don't take too much internet if you aren't only one
What ? you lose progression is you dont manuly save the game .
my idea has nothing to do with the way the game saves
The problem is that the gifting/messaging functions depend on a server to send those. No internet connection means there is no access to a server that can handle that.
Miste it would be simply to add code to make it so 2 colony's on the same pc DO not need a online connection to trade or gift .
the on line aspect is So two colony's on different pcs can trade and gift .
Most off line city building games can trade between citys - colonys
heck he never needed to add the online aspect at all but it is nice .
I agree with colbya. When you are offline, you should be able to gift and trade other offline colonies on the same pc, you dont need a server to do that. In fact, im sure that we could have whole offline commonwealths that can manage all of their offline sub-colonies. This would all happen without any connection at all.

You would have to give each colony an offline charter code through which they can be identfied by other colonies on the same pc. Best would have to create a text document that resolves colony names to their charter codes. This would allow the engine to know what name to display to the player when referencing a certain colony by its charter code.

The My colony engine can be rigged to edit another save file when a gift is sent, but when two colonies are open at the same time, The engine would have to do something different. What I would do is have all running colonies look at a certain folder. When they see a text file in the folder that references them by their offline charter code, they would notify you and give your recieving colony the resources based on the data inside the file. I would encrypt the storage language so people cant open the gift text file and change resource amounts and gift their colonies more than the sending colony actually sent. I would have each running colony check the folder about once every minute. That way, you can get resources from one colony to the other within a minute with both colonies running. Once the gift is accepted, i would have the engine erase that file to prevent multiple instances of one gift.

All in all a totally possible feature to implement
If you can gift and trade in offline mode what's the purpose of online mode then?
In online mode you'd still have your commonwealths and trade with other players. In offline it would just be your own colonies on your own computer. I like the idea because I play 99% of my colonies in offline mode. It would be great to be able to trade between my offline colonies.
Well if you agree Patch, then I definitely don't agree :P
I certainly agree this would be an awesome extra feature
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