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liquid nitrogen/liquid methane rivers on ice world

#1 2018-01-02 15:26:12
I'm still trying to develope uses for this idea, but here's what I have so far:

Formation: when the player creates an ice world map, rivers of either methane or liquid nitrogen spawn randomly on the surface of the ground. Rovers and queens can fly over the rivers just like lava and water, and the rivers are permanently fixed, just like the water rivers on the earth like planet are fixed.

Resource and uses: The rivers would yield liquid nitrogen, which as we know is good for electronics. It would also come in handy if bast decides to add a thermal feature to terraforming, so it could be used to reduce planetary heat while lava could be used to increase it. liquid nitrogen, when combined with microchips, could be made into superconductors. Such superconductors could be used to replace the need for chips in bigger buildings to come for humans, and maybe some buildings that already exist, like the AI training facility, fantasy land arcology, and hall of congress. Liquid nitrogen generators could be built on non-ice worlds and would consume the largest amount of atmosphere to produce liquid nitrogen.

Main reason for idea: I mainly wanted to share this idea because the ice world was looking rather blank and featureless aside from the nearly invisible ice deposits scattered around. Bast was talking about wanting to add multiple types of terrain to the game to make it look better, which was why he made the water and lava textures, so I figured that a liquid nitrogen river would make a beautiful feature on the ice world and would be a unique advantage to ice world colonies since the supply would be unlimited as long as the atmosphere is under 1 million.
#2 2018-01-02 20:31:37
You got a lot of really interesting ideas.
I support almost every single one of them including this one.
However i think @bast will have a hard time managing so many different resources.
Your concept is great but too many resources and items in the game can degrade its quality.
#3 2018-01-02 21:35:47
True, maybe it acts just like lava, spreading fast and leaving blue crystalline behind when it moves. The player would have to put paths down to contain it. Ice planet is hard enough as it is, so no geysers or eruptions or anything like that. This way you can have a permanent colony and contain or push the nitrogen off the map if you want to.

Thanks for complimenting my ideas, it means a lot.
#4 2018-01-03 19:46:52
cool ( no Super Cooled idea ) lol
#5 2018-01-04 21:09:56
maybe a iceworld variation to the lava world? instead of lava you get methane explosions. I think a moon from jupiter or saturn has methane volcanoes
#6 2018-01-08 18:42:34
nunez499 said:maybe a iceworld variation to the lava world? instead of lava you get methane explosions. I think a moon from jupiter or saturn has methane volcanoes

Titan has liquid pools of methane on it's surface. Like Dragon Crypt said though, we don't want to overload MC with too many resources, but it would be a fun and interactive way to get crystalline without growing it in green patches. I really wouldn't make ice planet harder than it already is by adding eruptions that could destroy half the colony though.Now, myabe bast can add a volcano that just spawns methane/nitrogen around it randomly without a 5-10 tile radius, and that would work because you know to avoid that area, and you would have an unlimited supply of crystalline as long as you micromanaged your workers.

I would also consider making space suits for the zolarg, because nothing could survive an environment that is cold enough to condense methane into a liquid. Maybe silicon based life, but definately not carbon based life.
#7 2018-01-13 20:27:41
Now that is something I can get behind.
I like the re-take of your idea. Darker Rivers which move around the map and leave Crystalline? Totally awesome.
It will basically be a re-skinned version of the water with the properties of lava and instead of leaving obsidian it will leave Crystalline.
I also agree with your idea on the insectoid suits. They can basically be just whitened out with something like a black visor on the face. Basically a type of a "thermal suit" to keep them warm.
#8 2018-01-15 14:05:50
reminds me of the game starbound with the mod "frackin universe" added on.
one of the types of planets you can come across is liquid nitrogen ocean worlds.
and they really... :P really suck if you've forgotten your cold protection implants and environmental protection pack.
the second you touch that liquid nitrogen you got frozen solid and suffer serious damage until you either beam back up to your ship or die.
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