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I'm back, plus v0.53.0 plans/schedule

For the past month I have been busy traveling and working on other things, but I am now back ready to return to My Colony. First, over the next few days I am going to push out an Antiquitas update with some new structures from our friend @jova , and then it is on to v0.53.0 of My Colony. There are a lot of issues that need to be addressed in the update, plus some new stuff. Here is the current plan:
  • bug fixes
  • start adding the Reptilians
  • in-game chat for commonwealths
  • offline multiplayer
  • make it so the galactic emperor only gifts useful resources
Most of these are pretty self explanatory, but I wanted to just touch on the offline multiplayer part. This is multiplayer for games on the same LAN or WiFi connection. It is going to be a little different than the online multiplayer. There is no GBT or commonwealths or anything that requires a central server. What happens is the game searches for other players on your network and will allow you to bring up a list of those who are playing (looks like the diplomacy screen sort of, and kind of works like finding multiplayer games in minecraft PE), and then allows direct resource trading and messaging between these players. There are no real limits in offline multiplayer, since I don't really care if offline players cheat or not.

The offline multiplayer will be supported on all platforms, so if you are on your PC and your grandma is on her iPad or something, you should be able to do resource trades. For people playing in the web browser, it will require additional software to be installed, or you can just use the native client instead.

Eventually I will make it so that offline colonies on the same device can trade resources too, but that wont be in this update.

Anyway, that is what is coming for v0.53.0. Work will probably begin on Monday, with the focus this weekend being on Antiquitas. For you Antiquitas players out there, @jova has supplied me with 10 epic new buildings. The update is also getting the map editor feature and other engine tweaks from the last My Colony update, as well as new bug fixes that were not yet in the last My Colony update.

That's all for now. Stay tuned!
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let me see if i understand this correctly having a pc on my wifi and having my android on the same wifi lets me gift between colonys on each device without ether colony being ( quote online ?)
so two colony I make say with the map editor could trade ( gift using this ?
PS just to add please add the ability to select map size to edit if possible as the medium map is well to me small lol
to me the map editor is the best compromise between the just plop it all to the having a reason to have resources being produced wile also having the ability to put as much starter resources as I like .
Its just the map size being medium that is the kicker large or extra large would really make map editing usfull .
map editor for Antiquitas o my well i do believe that will be the seller for me will have to buy it .
even medium map editor would work so nicly for that game as not nearly the resources need ( like al is ) so a made map could be managed so well The big 400 wood trees ooo yea BUYING it as soon as I see it working !
Well, seems a lot of nice stuff !! I can't wait for this update :-)
yes indeed! Both for MyColony as for Antiquitas!
The "pack"-"unpack" function for the caravan of the commedians in Antiquitas (the "Gregis Ludiones") is great :D
My Colony

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