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Referring Antiquitas BUG here No save And Game advt clicked crashing chrome - Page 3

the file should just be a blank 0. So are you saying it is only one specific game file that is not saving?
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it is Antiquias game ( my colony is fine )
at this point I have started new colonys with
64 bit laptop
32 bit laptop
android ( Using the chrome browser )
all platforms fail to finish save ( with using browser reload the colony does save just fails to finish in game .
I also have 6 or 7 other colony's in different states of play from 2 colonist to Fully done and 900 colonist every colony fails to finish a normal save .

But as i said all version Compressed save works this is only when you use regular save it just keeps saving untill using browser reload tool .

Got a Android phone ? open the game using chrome browser uncheck Compressed save then try to save .

I honestly cant imange you only have one device in which you can run the game ?
Try to do a hard reload again, i just changed one of the scripts
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No change . I deleted all browser files then reloaded game .
But tring to do a hard reload using the key board short cut has no effect ctrl and f5 key .
if there is another way of doing a hard reload please let me know .
Open the developer tools like earlier. When they are open you can right click on the reload button and it gives you more options
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well thanks the hard reload you just showed me did a hard reload .
sorry to say the game still fails to complete a normal save .

But thanks for that info it will be usefull for other times as well
Try to do this. Go to this url:
And find the Antiquitas app cache and remove it. Then do another hard reload.
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Followed your instructions ( Chrome appchach-internals ) Delete Confirmed
Using developer tools ( then right clicking browser reload to do a hard reload ( right click Shows hard reload .
Done .
Bug still present
Update Bug now is also Auto save as well ---The auto save that happens once in a wile when it happens the save will not finish ether requiring a browser refresh to reload game .
but again the game does save .
The only way now to avoid this is to TURN off auto save all together and use Compressed save Only .
Then the game runs normal and saves normal in game and when leaving to main screen .

To reaffirm This failing to Complete a save in game is with normal Uncompressed save And auto save .
And I have verified it across 3 different devices each using chrome ( as long as it is any other version the game is fine .

Please I would rather Live with the bug then have Chrome removed from platforms as I us it 90 % of the time and the game ( both run so well on chrome ) I would hate losing chrome to run ether game .
also Bast i am willing to make a video of the even if I have a way to send it to you .
Or I also have a 64 bit pc tell me what I can do to help find this bug ( the 64 will run any thing you can )
Has got to be a better way then developer tools on chrome to help find a bug .
I can see it so tell me what to do so you can geta better view of the error .
Ok I was finally able to reproduce and I think I have it fixed. Do all of the cache clearing stuff again and try one more time.
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