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Desktop Bridge App Now Available

The first public release of the Desktop Bridge app is now available for 64bit desktop. This application is for advanced users, but if you want to use it, it allows the Web Browser version of My Colony to save games to the local Documents folder and to do local/offline Lan/Wifi multiplayer and resource trading:

Starting with the just-released Antiquitas v1.4.0 and the upcoming My Colony v0.55.0, the desktop bridge also allows local/offline Lan/Wifi multiplayer on the Windows 10 store version of the game.

Again, this is for advanced users, if you don't want to mess with this sort of thing then you can get the same functionality by just downloading the Native Client version of My Colony from the Ape Market:

This is mainly for people who want to play using the browser or the Windows Store client. It's not as critical in My Colony and Antiquitas, but multiplayer on both the upcoming Colony Wars and Death 3d games will be entirely dependent on the Desktop Bridge functionality for Web and Windows Store.

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Guess that leaves out 10 or 20 k players who still have 32 bit pcs
colbya said: Guess that leaves out 10 or 20 k players who still have 32 bit pcs

I feel ya bro. If a 32bit desktop version comes out, I will buy the premium immediately. That's a promise
Well I mentioned this in another thread, but I am going to attempt a 32 bit Windows client for v0.55.0. No promises, but I am going to try.
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LOL I was not downing you Bast
I just know how much of a pain this will be I spent the first 3 months tring to find ways around teh 64 32 bit thing my self .
All I will say is you have your work cut out . massive programming .
If it had started as 32 bit sure anyway good luck ( btw if you manage it Ill sure be gald to help out my self I just dont use the 64 bit pc I have much as even reloaded the pc just isnt fast enough to suit me the old 32 bit I have runs twice as fast ALL otehr specks the same .
Well only the wrapper app needs to be converted to 32bit. My Colony itself is made in Javascript and just runs in an embedded WebView that has elevated permissions.
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