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Can't build an embassy

I have tried several times to set up an embassy between my main human base and my insectoid base.
Both colonies have independence, I have all the civics and money that I need for the diplomatic mission and I have all the resources needed to build a normal embassy. Yet when I tap on the "select embassy" button nothing happens, and I have tried this several times.

Android 6.0.1; galaxy A5; my colony version 0.54.1
I have the same problem,I push button"select embassy" but nothing happens.
Same issue. Along with not being able to access the trade market now.
Bump. I'm having the same problem
I'm having the same issue with my colony. Anyone find a solution yet?
not working for me either on windows 10 pc client i can input the charter code then i get the build embassy pop up with the costings but when click build nothing happens but dismiss does
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The same issue here. :-( Windows 10
I have made some embassy related changes. Can anybody test it on Web v0.56.0 and see if it works there, and let me know?
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Just updated to v0.56.0 on galaxy s8. Galactic board of trade is not working. I can't trade or buy or anything. It says there are no sales available for every resource.
Is it normal that it's letting me build more than one ?

And also, the pending diplomatic missions message is not dissapearing.

And I have also established an embassy with my insectoid colony and the same thing is happening.
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