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More occupied jobs than people


Edit: I noticed that some people complain of unemployment:
i am experiencing the same thing on a larger scale. i dont have screenshots right now bc im posting quickly between work at my job but...basically what you have going on is the same for me but mine is amplified. i hav about 7k colonists and it always "says" i have like 200 jobs not filled and yet there is unemployment lol. i believe that the economy page is a bit broken atm. and i never did a fire drill thank god (last time i did my colonists broke). i belive that a workaround (for me anyways) has been to just build slowly for now. see if a building fills with workers. if it has workers missing=population too low. and then add housing accordingly. but remember it takes a minute or two for colonists to even get there if wandering. beck may be reworking the economy page of statistics. sometimes its hard to tell what hes working on.
but honestly this could be him working to make it seem more realistic and sporadic? because in america there are jobs not filled :) and still a large chunk of unemployment lol. im curious what the creator himself would say to this. can we expect more chaotic colonist behavior? or rather finite information with employment and such being very clear?
html 5 version on a windows pc.
Do you have any illegal immigrants in your colony? They take jobs too.
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Firedrills aren't as bad as they used to be, however I have well over 20k colonists and have had this issue over the last few updates. I literally micromanaged the crap out of my base to perfect the job/ housing ratio and got close but somehow had at least 70 colonists extra that couldn't possibly exist.
It just happened again in v0.57. There were more employed people than total people in the colony. No screenshot, you just gotta believe me.
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