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Reptilians - Hot Rock

Well everyone, I'm back! My first suggestion since…well…a long time ago.
Hot Rock
Reptilians can go inside and have a dose of energizing uranium! This hot rock is hot and Reptilians can sit on it and just absolutely LOVE IT!
-1000 ore
-500 uranium
-100 antanium
Increases happiness
Gives off light
Increases productivity

Go Pittsburgh Penguins!!
IMO, doesn't really fit in with them being an advanced race.
unless you make the hot rock as the main part of the building graphic then create a high tech surrounding to it with purple bits here and there otherwise id agree with steve
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can look like a lot of chair but next to them in rock
but the price look a bit expansive
I have added to the Hot Rock idea. Check it out!

Go Pittsburgh Penguins!!
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