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Coming Changes to the Modding Engine

There are a couple of changes coming to the Texture Modding engine over the next few updates.

The first one is the support for .svg texture overrides. When you override a graphic using an .svg file, you get another added benefit. Any element in your svg file using the fill color of ff00ff will automatically change to the players' colony color (as defined on the Statistics screen) at run-time.

Coming in a future update is going to be the ability to upload your mods to the My Colony server right from within the game. The game will include a new mod browser where users can download and activate mods without having to leave the game.

After those two features are done, mod-chaining will be added, whereby you can have as many texture mods activated as you like. You will be able to define a preference order, in the event that two mods override the same texture, the one with the higher preference will take precedence.

Anyway, the .svg support is coming in this update, and the other two will be coming over the next two updates. Enjoy!
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really nice to see and iv'e just done my first 15 redraws !! uploading the mct file next, love the idea of adding mods in game instead of the time consuming way it is now im all for speedyness, will the mod list be in alphabetical order then or will it still be randomly listed as it is now bast?
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