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Cooperative Play - Trading, Messaging, Sending Aid

I decided to put a few things here in this one post, since I don't want to make a bunch of posts on a site that severely hurts my eyes because of how very white it is on a screen at night.

Sending Messages
Currently the game's message system sucks, badly. 120 characters, and it doesn't even show a counter of how many characters you have left, it just fails to send message and you have to type it all out all over again....

We need to be able to send longer messages than this. I don't know if this is just non-premium accounts, but there's no indication that premium users can send longer messages. Messages in this game need to be detailed so we can cooperate better with each other. I'd say, up the non-premium message length to 200 characters, and give premium users a message length of 2000 characters.

I think of myself as the diplomatic type, and I type a lot and in highly detailed messages. I can't do this with a message limit so small even a text message app would be ashamed.

Not to mention, I think messages should go to accounts, rather than colonies. But thats up to you, it would be nice to have colony messages and account messages for users with accounts. So they don't even have to load a colony to see and reply to a message. Perhaps it shows "Colony has 2 messages" when you are about to load some colony. Account messages would be nice because then you can talk to someone regardless of deleting a colony or not to start over.

Trade right now sucks, and isn't possible really. All you have is the ability to send gifts of 2500 of something max.

I'd like the ability to send actual trade offers, either targeted trade offers to a specific person, or open trade offers that players with a structure of some kind can access by loading a list of available trades.

E.G. I want to send an offer to a specific person, trading 1000 steel to get 200 wood.
Or perhaps I want to send an open offer, trading 1500 steel to get 350 wood.

Perhaps this can be another premium lock area too, where free accounts max at 1 active trade at a time, premium accounts max at 10. Free accounts can trade out a max of 3000 of anything and receive a max of 3000 limiting their trade offers to 3k of anything in and out. Premium accounts getting 250,000.

Aiding other colonies
Wouldn't it be nice if you could gain a bonus from sending aid? When a colony is rioting you can click "send $200 worth of aid", but you don't get anything out of it. Perhaps you should get tax breaks, or happier people, or some such.

It would also be nice to be able to specify how much aid to send, rather than just click a button to send $200 of aid when you got $200,000. Aid packages would be nice too, allowing you to design your own aid packages, so you can click a "send aid package 2" to someone, and you had set aid package 2, to be {$2000, 2000 food, 2000 water, 1000 steel, 1000 ore}. I'd say allow users to specify up to 3 aid package types.

Colony ships could be an aid method too, sending some number of your population over to the other colony. A humanitarian ship full of volunteers who go to the colony you sent it to and work for that person, and either choose to stay, or leave, and they can leave by going to the map edge and appear back in your colony with "name returned to the colony" message instead of "joined colony" messages, either by walking in by map edge or appearing at your landing pads during next arrival.
First off, agreed that this website is eye piercing at night, there really needs to be a darker colour scheme that you can possibly choose in settings.

Sending messages is pretty bad I have to agree. 120 characters is not much and usually ends with splitting up your message into several mails where it could have been said in just the one. However I don't believe the solution is lengthening the character limit. I would like to see a building added to the game where you can open chatrooms with people you know the charter code of, similar to your commonwealth chat option. That would made communicating much easier if you just have a building with a bunch of names of colonies you know the charter code to and when you click it there's your conversation. Extending the character limit to 200 wouldn't hurt either, but could just be used for smaller messages. If the chatroom building isn't added (which I don't think it would be, at least for a while) the character limit does need to be changed and its not terribly difficult to change the value.
Also, while having your mail come directly to your account instead of your colonies could be a good idea if done correctly. For instance the mail would have to say which colony it was meant for or you wouldn't know the context of the mail. But the main problem I see with this is that you only go online when you enter your colony, if you are just on the main screen you aren't really online.
Just FYI premium users have no additional benefits regarding the messages, Vac.

About your trade section, you gain access to larger trading sizes later. The largest comes from the hall of congress which gives you the ability to trade 500 million of anything (but the hall of congress is the most expensive building in the game). Your trading resources directly with other places is already a feature, it is called the Galactic Board of Trade (GBT). However the GBT only trades resources for money, it could be interesting to trade any resource for another amount of resource. But that sounds very hard to actually set up because everything would be in different units. It's just easier to convert everything to the same units, aka money. You can sell something, get the money for it and use that money to buy other resources on the market. Not that hard to do.

With your aid idea, you can already do that. If some base is starving and they tell you about it you can send food to them. It's not going to kill you to help out, although most of the time you only see colonies with problems in your own commonwealth. Sending population would speed up the game, the game is already a good speed if you know what you are doing. I feel like being able to send people would kind of break the game. The first thing I would do is make a new base, send a bunch of resources from my main base and then have another base filled with landing pads so it can effectively send infinite people and your new base would never need to wait for anything. Breaks the pace of the game. The colonists you would send have no reason to leave that colony off the edge of their map, there's nothing but that base on that planet.

What I, personally, would like to see is multiple people inhabiting the same planet, which could be either cooperation in building the same colony or two individual colonies in separate places but can interact. You can open trade routes between you and the other colonies, grow your colony large enough to eventually meet with them. I know bast doesn't want any sort of war, so we will only get peaceful options with our fellow planet colonists. Anyways, just a thought.

Hello! I am a High Wizard from the Nations of OZ, come check out our discord server!

Some of us have chosen to remedy this issues, at least for a while with coming together on Discord.

Calling it a Federation, a community of commonwealths. We usually trade with each other huge amounts of resources numbering to the millions. Not only that, the Discord Community allows u to specify how kuch you want that person to send to you, and whether you have enough capacity etc.

We try our best in these circumstances to create our own ways to circumvent issues like these in game.

We currently have about 2 dozen commonwealths and over 115 people on our server. The Federation, called, Nations of OZ boasts an international server, with people from Singapore, Canada, USA, Indonesia, Chile, India, UK, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, Philippines, Spain, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Australia and so many more!

Do come by if you would like to -

Hopefully all these can be improved in updates to come.
The Founder of NOZ

NOZ Thread :
Join us :
neo you forget some thing
that the rule of fed
and neo have forget to say one thing
other federation are creat like
FFF ,i don't like the leader-First Future Fédération
NOZ,néo do the présentation
NUF,the federation who merged with IFMCB (Independent Federation of My Colony Blogger and QIGN(i forget the name and NUF is National Universe Federation
but it is right in the dark we can't read because it is hurting eye(vas think to do a pool the next time)
We shouldn't need external tools like discord to play the game.
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