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Mines should not be reusable

Mines are kind of cheaty infinite ways of keeping a colony going forever. I think each tile on a planet choice, should save an integer to it, of a resource of a table of resources.

When a mine is placed on these tiles, the mine calculates all the resources from the table type that mine allows (Ore/Regolith for example), and output "this mine has x resources before depleted). When mining, it drains an amount from one tile in a cycle as miners take from it. So if a miner takes 8 at a time. Tile 1 loses 8, then another miner takes 8 more, Tile 2 loses 8, so on so forth.

Mines would calculate the tiles in the vicinity around them. So a 2x2 sized mine, will calculate a 4x4 sized area getting a total of 16 tiles worth of data. Mines can't be built within range of another mine to prevent overlapping these zones.

Once that resource is drained, a new mine for that resource type can not be built there, it will check the mine size of tiles (2x2) for an ore of that type before allowing placement meaning the mine will require direct placement on top of an available source of ore.

Eventually, if the entire map is drained of all resources on all tiles which, I doubt would happen, the only way to get more would be through trade.

This is an issue however with how the game works, because players frequently cheat by making infinite colonies to self support their other colonies.
that a good idea but i think not now and if it is add now people will creat more colony
Nope! My colony lives on this mechanic!
All game structure is based on "infinite Resources". In the early game stage (at least for Human colony) the resources are based on mines structures, but for an advanced colony will have other and better structure for "harvest" the resources, still infinite kind (buildings will produce "x" amounts), without building 10'000 mines every hours.

The game don't event have an heavy multiplayer style, since we can play in offline mode without problem.

Tree are pretty much an infinite wood source, like rivers for water, or sugar with the sugar tree, or even the crystal.. all natural resources.
The reason why i just hate this idea is that im playing on android and maps are not that big on android. And unless you are Lis then you cant import resources for a long time, and when playing offline, then expect death with this idea.
Well, I think this idea would make it harder, as many people run out of aluminum or uranium and are forced to import during the mid-game stages. This would be better in a desktop game, but as the game is also on mobile it might be too complicated
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Bad idea. What's wrong in mines? Theyre part of the game!
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