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Charter not working?

#1 2017-09-20 03:50:14
I've been playing My Colony for nearly a year, and my colony has grown quite big. I do have one problem though. Over the summer I didn't play the game on account of having other things to do, but I've been getting back into it this fall. I formed 2 sub-colonies under my independent colonies before I took a break from the game, and when I came back, I pulled up one of my sub-colonies and saw it was out of water, so I went to send it water from my mother colony (Called Bilbo's Bag End). When clicking the 'commonwealth' button on my capitol, a blank white box appears. I thought it just needed time to load at first, but it wouldn't go away. I just thought that I'd deal with it later. But then a friend saw me playing the game and said he'd like to play as well. I was like "Hey, if you start under my charter, I can give you stuff!" But when he typed the code, it just said "Invalid Character!" I've tried it multiple times since then with the same result each time. I've typed it so many times I've got it memorized (mtKHKk4y). I also went to visit the my colony website and look at my coony's stats, but upon pulling up the webpage, it is blank and says all the totals for population and such are zero, and just states that it was founded under united earth. Brushing it aside for the time being, I went on my merry way, advancing my mother colony. I unlocked all the technologies exept for the next gen power production, and I needed crystaline for that. I thought "Ok, it'll be spendy but ill just put up a offer in the galatic board of trade." My money for the transaction dissapeared, but I got no crystaline. Im not that worried about the money, I can earn that back, but I think my colony is somehow broken, as in my charter wont work and I cant properly trade with other players. I cant obtain some recources at anything resembling a decent price now, becasue as we all know, the products from united earth are mighty expensive and I dont have that kind of money and saving time, as well as I cant have a charter for my friends to make their colonies under. Is there anything I can do to fix this?? If so I'd like to know becasue I can't properly advance my colony till it's fixed.
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#2 2017-09-20 08:38:52
ypur colony has been removed from the server. going in offline mode and back in online should help
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#3 2017-09-20 13:18:02
Yeah colonies that are inactive for several months get put offline
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#4 2017-10-11 09:11:14
Hi Bast, How do i put my game back to online?

I did notice that i can also buy things from GBT, but nobody buy my staff sold in GBT.

I was offline for half a year i think
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#5 2017-10-11 13:21:47
Cyberkayu - open statistics and on that first page scroll all the way down. That bottom box is for whether you are offline/online. It will say the opposite of what you are so if it says 'offline mode' you are considered to be online. Click that box to change it to 'online mode' and then click again so its back to 'offline mode'. Might help to log out of the map between changes so that they are saved and things get reloaded properly.
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#6 2018-02-01 19:49:08
i just created a new colony but have been playing the game for about a year but cant trade at all i am online and have gone offline and back online and it still doesn't work. What do i do?

My charter is 0 that's all it says
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#7 2018-02-01 19:59:38
Derman19 said:i just created a new colony but have been playing the game for about a year but cant trade at all i am online and have gone offline and back online and it still doesn't work. What do i do?

What is your charter code, I will look it up.
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#8 2018-02-02 03:42:28
it just says 0 and also my Brother cant start a Colony Online at all
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#9 2018-02-02 18:58:00
Also if I close out of my colony and I go to get back on it it just says doing cleanup
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