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theone4685 said:can i have lots of resources plz my name is: [FFF] DNFTW (Desert Nomads For The Win) thankyou :)
Join the discord server and we will help you out.
Join Nomads and join the FFF!
Updated to represent federation change.
I am become death destroyer of federations.
When you read this could you accept my request to join, joined a random cw and two days straight my people have been rioting outside my door cuz there broke since I keep on getting taxed and paying out payroll without assistance. Desperate for help lol
Sure be warned I'm not really active
I am become death destroyer of federations.
Lies! He is very active, (atleast on discord) :P
Archmage Of Nations Of Oz[NOZ]
Join The NOZ discord server today!!
Can you accept my anex request its sent from the colony of new Athens headed by a wealthy man with mob connections the city even has the illusion of democracy
My Colony

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