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winodws 7 desktop version 0.59.0

Windows 7 65 bit desktop version
Update fails 0.59.0
let the update download game relaunches blank white screen .
close game reopen Update re-offered .
been playing back on chrome from update 0.58.0
as both anitq and my colony no longer work on desktop .
IF I delete both and reinstall the 0.57.0 version it works .
But with Antiq game that means No Gual and with my colony no alien arts end game research building
the new big black one .

Redownloading game from app apps sites installs only the update fails
game still unplayable as even clicking to move screen causes frezzes lasting seconds
There was an update bug in some of the older native clients which has since been corrected, it was introduced around 0.57 I think.

As for the performance, there has been a hit on Windows 7 and some Linux Distros on the native clients due to the older version of Chromium being used in Electron being impacted by the recent mitigation to Meltdown and Spectre exploits. It should be resolved when Electron is upgraded to a more recent build of Chromium. There is not a ton I can do about it. You will notice it runs a lot better on Google Chrome browser v65 for example, whereas the Chromium build into the Native Client is v56 or something.

Interestingly, I do not notice the slowdown much at all on newer hardware running Windows 10, but I have noticed it on some linux distros, like Fedora (which is currently on my main dev box)
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