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Antiquitas v1.8.0 Released

The third Antiquitas Gaul update has just been released and should be arriving to all platforms within the next few days. Here it what is new:

Missing string related bug fix

New Structures
- Granary
- Council of Elders
- Sanctuary
- Nemeton
- Gaulish Market
- Osta
- Roman Commercial Outpost
- Pottery Works
- Large Water Basin

New ad-free content:
- Decorative Fountain

UI updates from My Colony v0.60.0

Also, the Windows 10 Store version should now support offline (LAN) cross platform multiplayer, like Android, iOS, and Native Client already do today.

The Antiquitas update is live now on Android, Web, and the Ape Apps Launcher, and should be arriving everywhere else within the next couple of days. Enjoy!
In the new UI, the storage limit is not displayed when the mouse pointer is over the resource.

Now i trying to build a new Gaul city, but.. they should able to build olive tree?
No olive trees far Gauls. They can import olive oil from the Roman commercial outpost or raid oil from Roman farms (when the code for raids will be ready )
the game could really use better food sources for gaul
But I expect you will be adding more stuff nice update .
PS looks like a building from Rome has wondered over to the Gauls
the Scholae Rethor ( Rome top research building has shown up .
PsS the new Nemeton Gaul building produces the equivlent research to the scholae
Morphing Building The very first Ganary I built Morphed into the Rome Granarium Grain storage .
Built two more they came out normal ( wish I knew how It happened be neat to morph a building lol .
ps my as well not worry on this btw as it only happened once and not a clue as to why . still have one extra buildng in gaul city not on build bar neat really lol
Happens to me also with the gold smelter, but after the 1.8.1 release is ok
Gauls was a "raiders " civilisation so they will get A lot of additional resources from raids and less from normal production, when Raiders Camp will be operative players will get more food and other stuff raiding germanic and Roman farms
yea well just a blip he plans to add really this game is more about how nice the art is .
teh agme play is nice as no need for huge colonys so less errors
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