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Statue Of Bast

Statue of Brandon Stecklein:
When your colony ages, the politicians become very drunk and start erecting statues of random, insignificant people that died a century earlier.
2500 New Alloy
1500 Aluminum
1500 Gold
750 Antanium
500 Triantanium
150 Crystal
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I want to build it on my map
But do a giant statue and another more small and less expensive
LOL dont think Bast has a eggo quite that big lol
well, it's not his ego if someone else wants him to put a statue of himself in the game. Plus, he is the founder, he has every right to develop a statue.

I like the idea.

Well I think it would be bad tast .
I had acutely thought of it my self but decided it would be silly but on the otehr hand my two least favert buildings are the pyramid with the eye on it ( one day Ill mod it to look normal )
and the totally silly statue that is some cartoon dude with a axe I believe ?

But never the less I still enjoy the game and dont need to love every building . so if bast does it ill just pretend i dont see it lol .

I do believe bast has a bit of a dark side Illuminati the all seeing eye and a few other things i wont go into dont want to discourage him I really like the game and just wonder how far he can go with it .
Nice idea, but really? That is what you need to ask yourself, will it effect gameplay on a way that it gets changed (difficulty increments or not). And if a new player that doesn't know that this is a community idea, would think he has a big ego
you only have to put in description:
you have alway dream to have a statue of a famous people ?
now you can have Brandon Stecklein statue ! great

i am open to all other idea of description
Actually some1 is right. developing a statue like this could repel people from the game because they think that bast is egotistical becuase of the statue.

I change my mind, please don't add this.
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