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Unemployed people slowly increasing - Page 2

I have this issue too. I have almost 50000 people refusing to work.

Empire J

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Maybe the hospital is not enough? Some time my colonies go to hospital and never come out, so the rest of them cannot regain there health.
that´s difficult, if we need to build more hospitals they wont do anything because nobody will go to work to them
I have this problem too

and the problem just gets bigger and bigger
well, my colony hasn't this problems. maybe it's because they quit for better paid jobs. and then they notice that there aren't any
Its me Lego.
im still having this. 1200 unemployment when i should be building addition 40k jobs. so i have unemployment while having job shortage.

same here 4 fire drill and it unemployment is still 10-20%
2 sec later

and buildings produce othing
Maybe it's because the unemployed colonists and the empty job places are like on the opposite sides of the map.
Bast did make a change where he said the colonists won't pick a job too far away form them or something similar I believe.
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