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Auto save when accepting gifts?

I just accepted a gift of 150k robots from the auction house, then the game crashed, then surprise, no robots. Is there a way to get them back? Normally I wouldn't care but 150k robots at 5 million is a great price. Also maybe a system in place that when you accept a gift it auto saves would be great since the game is so unstable you never know when it will crash and lose everything. Also the game used to autosave when you tabbed out, now it saves when you tab back which again, puts me at risk to lose data.
Agreed, same here.. crashed few second after a gift.. gift gone. :(
I have had that problem. Should be a thing
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Is this on Android/PC/iOS? It would be great if I could figure out the cause
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Android Samsung 8 plus, I'm on ver 0.72.0 but it's happened before.
bastecklein said:Is this on Android/PC/iOS? It would be great if I could figure out the cause

PC, with ape apps launcher. Few months ago, my primary colony crashed when i was trying to build a specif row of triantanium refinery (few crash, after the problem is disappeared).
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