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[NEW : My Colony 2 Update] Coloniae Official Thread - Page 3

I updated the Coloniae reference (basically a copy of the official reference), now it always remains up to date without human intervention, and automatically adds the new resources to the tables!
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Thank you for the work Sobe, this is awesome as I can look up info (costs of buildings, storage etc) on the "newer" materials such as obsidian, ether, software, etc which was not present on the original reference table.
You're welcome!

Colonist generation rates added to the reference, gifting/trading capacities will come soon.
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Admin of the MC2 translation project
Huge update!

After 2 months of hard work, it's finally out!
The layouts building tool is an advanced tool for creating layouts and exporting them in .mcl format for importing into the game.
You may create layouts from scratch but also import existing .mcl files or even import a city file (even compressed) (.mcx or .mcb) and it will parse out on the grid!

There are so many features, I will let you discover them!
If you have questions or ideas of improvement don't hesitate.

Last but not least, thanks to @gkdkggl for the awesome work on this, and Pavlxiiv and crywolf for testing out!
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Reference Update

The reference has been updated with release versions in the buildings details and also in the general table. If the version is unknown, most likely it comes from 0.4.0 or earlier.
Also added in the other tables menu, a link to an automated changelog viewer to check out what's new on the latest versions!

As always, if you have ideas for improvements, don't hesitate!
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Ok, new idea / function:

  • Category Filter:
    Race (eu, lis, draconian, insect), planet
    Resourses: es if ether is selected, only ether will visible, and only building in business with ether will show
  • Comment: Adding a new section in building / tech where authorized player can add comment / hit / trick, should be organized by game version.
  • Check List: Not sure if we can read the information necessary from the census, but the idea is to compare the require to create o research something, to the actually resources / bot / tech of the player, the resources should be easy with the "ADU" function, not sure about the bot or tech. Pretty much for answer to the classic 1 trillion dollar question: "why i can't build this?"
Yeah the race/planet filter would be necessary. I actually started working on it before but it's not as easy as it may sound ;). Will get there eventually though.
For the resources though, you can just search for it and it displays all the buildings that produce this resource, as well as the storage buildings and harvesting methods.

The commenting idea would basically make it like a semi-wiki? It's not a bad idea. I'm currently implementing the ability to be logged in with your ape apps account in all Coloniae pages so it would be pretty straightforward to implement.

Oh wow this is actually a formidable idea! I would love to make that. Will stat working on it as soon as I get the chance ;). In fact, ADU has all the data for vehicles (bots) and resources, but it's missing techs. This can be easily added in an update of the game though.
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Admin of the MC2 translation project
For the race/planet filter, should be enough adding two new flag in the database (like the ? Like the search function, once you click on flag 1 value 3 - flag 2 value 1, you will only see the building / tech / ecc available on LIS and planet type 1.

Yes, pretty much like a wiki.

ps. i miss the techs tree :( We should build several tree, with tech, build upgrade stage, maybe with concept map.
Yes, but it's not that simple. In the game data, buildings are not explicitly associated with a race or a planet. It's about if the vehicle is available with the race, if the tech is available on that planet, and it's not straightforward to determine that. However I have done a script that does exactly that recently so it'll be fine I guess.

The tech trees can't be done automatically. They have to be done manually, maybe that could be a job for the Reference Contributors ? Do you want to try?
First I'd have to determine on what support to do the tech trees though because I don't know how the previous guy did them and I haven't been able to reach to him.
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I have no idea how to implement a mind map

Inside the site, but of course, need to be update manually, but.. we don't have many tech, should't be take much time to do, i hope.
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