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cant start new colony online

so this one is fairly simple, after restoring my colony to online, I went to start a new one, but the button for online play would not respond, however, the offline play button worked perfectly. I am using the same version as stated in the previous bug, ver 72 on the ape apps website. I hope this all gets fixed soon because my colony lost all of its resources when I switched it back online and I am in need of the cheap resources in the gbt to stabilize my colony.
you are getting hit with every bug in the book i think
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bastecklein said:you are getting hit with every bug in the book i think
wow, anyways i hope this can get fixed by the next update. still it is a relief to know that this is a bug, and not the server banishing my colony for being inactive.
it seems to be fixed, thanks.
I have same problem on 0.73, win10 app. New colony -> online game just does... nothing :(
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