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Moving my buildings

I think we should be able to pick up and move our buildings so it doesn't look messy. On my first colony I just built randomly and it looks terrible.
We already can: destroy and build in new place. We don't have a way to 'tow' them to a new spot as there is nothing big/strong enough to move them.
i realy want to see the thing which can move the underground schelter and place it again
MaroutoutMars1 said:i realy want to see the thing which can move the underground schelter and place it again

I know we can destroy things but if I were to try to rearrange my colony, it would take hours doing it like that, In other city like games you can just pick stuff up and move it.
Of course yeah but did it improves the game realistic?
In the other city game some of them are not realistic anf if it is add to the game it will be very easy.and the game is very easy but hard to understand all the dynamic
And it makes it too easy. It is all about resource management and that includes buildings.
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But there should be a vehicle that can pick up and move buildings, there should also be a disassembled that gives you more resources back from destroying things but is expensive to make.
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I would definitely like this, it’s really hard to organize all my stuff come late game.

But maybe to balance it out, have it so you need different tiers of movers to move different buildings, and they are ultra expensive and need a robot factory to make.
In addition, have it so when it moves buildings it cannot be obstructed by others, so when you want to move a house you can’t have an bank in the way. Decor tiles are exceptions probably
What about being able to destroy a building and placing new one for free?
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