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All waste management systems stop working - Page 2


This is also another issue the game is having that is on several different devices.
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If you guys have an incinerator that is not working, can you post a screenshot of its building stats page on here?

I have run a colony completely out of trash multiple times and all incinerators and recycling centers keep working once trash builds back up.

It is true that the incinerators will not run if there is no "fuel" for them (trash, in this case), because they are converting the trash into power. If your Trash is at 0 at the moment when the engine gets to updating the incinerator building, it will not run, and it will not produce power. Once the trash is above 0 though, it should start back up. If you have a bunch of recycling centers, they may be clearing out the trash before your incinerators have a chance to, in which case you could just sell or deactivate some recycling centers.

Now. if you are saying that the incinerators just stop and then never restart, and trash starts building back up into the thousands, then that is a bug, albeit one that I am not experiencing on any colony.
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Same @MasterHutchGaming the smal incinerators are workin normal tho...

I have a screenshot of a recycling center. And one of my recources

You can clearly see, that the recycling center does not consume any trash. Nor does it output any recource (plastic, aluminum) Only the micro incinerators do consume trash.
I do not own any normal incinerators.

There is a lot of stuff not working properly right now but for now this is my main problem.
I didn't have time to get all the screen shots, so hopefully this description helps: I currently have a population of 421k and, according to the statistics, a trash production rate of 40k. I have more than 100 each of Medium Recycling Centers and Incinerators built, but my trash is growing at a rate of about ~1k/minute. It is currently at 22k and rising. If I look at the animations of the trash consuming buildings, maybe 10 Recycling Centers are showing production, and only two of the Incinerators are. I've found that, if I delete Incinerators and replace them, the newly placed Incinerators begin showing production, and the trash quickly drops to zero, but as soon as it reaches zero, it starts accumulating again until I delete and replace Incinerators. Doing the same with Recycling Centers seems to have no effect. (for clarity, I'm using the stand alone client on Windows 10 and am on version 0.76)
all i do is i just turn them off befor it reaches zero then turn them on when i have enough trash to use them
I have this issue too, on android, on a oneplus 5.
Three things are happened
1. Trash depleted messages when there is plenty of trash.
2. After trash is actually depleted all waste management facilities stop working until they are rebuild. Even though the trash is pouring in
3. My luxury tower keeps producing more and more trash, to the point where it produced over 5 times more than everything else combined
Had the exact same issue but all I had was a single medium recycler which just stopped working for apparently no reason. Also, just now I noticed my advanced plastic factory stopped working because of lack of robots, and it did not turn on again after i got a bunch of robots now. Tried a bunch of things except reinstall the game.
This problem is still not fixed in 0.79. My incinerator stops working after thrash depletes. Deconstructing and rebuilding gets it working again till my thrash depletes once more.

Picture is my incinerator with 25/25 working people
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