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Random hang in My Colony in Ape app launcher

#1 2018-12-04 10:09:30
everything was going good in my colony, until i started deporting folks out of my colony. i deported 10 k each time, and returned to title after each deportation. after deporting around 100-150k people. i kept of gifting $300 to my folks so that i don't face any approval issues. but as i was in middle of the process, i started having random hangs and i had to force close the game. the game runs like butter without any lag and suddenly, hangs out of no where
I tried various things, that i had used earlier to prevent hanging, like as i said above, my approval was at 100. to check if payroll is causing the hang, turned off the auto payroll, but soon i got the notification for paying workers, and it payed the workers properly, with a small freeze which was common before too. i tried keeping immigration on and off, the hang still eventually came. i have more housing and jobs than my population so i don't think there should be any problem there. i also checked the stats of my cpu and memory usage, but nothing spiked or different was observed in statistics.

the graph is for CPU usage stats. the drop in the graph after which it even out is when the game hangs. the RAM has a similar graph.
there was one more theory that was told to me, that the lag might be caused due to the tick cycle, when the statistics
get updated, but i cant test that theory.

the interesting thing is, when i opened the game on browser, am not facing any of the hanging issue! browser has had no issues in the messaging either as i had posted in my earlier bug report. but there is one thing that is stopping me from using browser.. the game progress is not getting saved. all the resources are all there which i believe is due to them getting synced with the server, but anything that i build or deleted, it doesn't go after restarting but the resources used to make them are gone.
please see if there is anything i can do or needs to be done. for i have just recently done a huge investment in game. wont like to loose it.

on side note, i still have a backup of the time before i started deporting people for i knew i would face some problem. but with the recent game changes, am not sure if previous backups are still working properly, so am not playing that card just yet

platform: Ape App launcher on windows 10
My colony is in .76 version

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#2 2018-12-07 17:50:25
SO The issue is with the "virtual" colonists, if one avatar is assigned too many virtual colonists, it produces a large delay in processing. I am addressing the issue for 0.77.0, but having your colony "fix" itself after the update will require it to idle for a while, while the engine sorts our your game data.
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#3 2018-12-07 19:40:06
okay, so was the deportation of those people was what caused the mess? and should i go back to previous backup, i wont be loosing progress, just am not sure if the population as well is updated with engine. also do look into the progress not saving thread in tech help as am facing same problem rn
also i hope .77 version fixes it. i must say i have seen many improvements and i hope you keep on working on them. dont think i could have gone this far with the population i have without your continuous bug fixes. i do hope you guide me a bit what needs to be done after .77 version is released
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#4 2018-12-07 21:03:39
I think the deportation probably caused it. I don't know if you should necessarily go back to the previous backup, unless it does not clear up.
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