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Samsung s8 issues with game.

The game lags to the point the game no longer is interesting, as in it lags so much I cant do anything without spending atleast 5 minutes trying to do something. Just paying payroll takes a good 4 minutes a person. Because it wont open the mail right away like it used to. I cant move around the map like i used to either it takes it time and by the time is catches up I already scrolled past what I wanted so I must slowly scroll back over to what I wanted.
I use an S8+ and have no issues with the program. I'm suggesting that perhaps you turn the graphics down to low res, and turn the update frequency to normal or less... I'm also going to suggest that I may not be the program having the issue. I know quite a few people that have a billion apps installed on their phone and this can make it laggy…

Just wanted to put that out there...
I would also turn off the render colonists in the engine settings
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