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File seem to be corrupted in a region map.

#1 2019-01-03 22:32:24

To begin, here are some technical informations :
-I am playing at mycolony on my computer with WIN8 (v0.71);
-I have purchased premium version till some times ;
-I am playing on a BIGGAAA region map (about 7 regions are really inhabited, but I must have maybe something like 30 regions in all).

Now that is my problem : I was playing on the game and at a moment I decided to change of region. So I returned to the region map (below) and I clicked on the region I choosed. But instead of loading my map, it displayed me nothing at all, and if I well remembered i had an infinite loading text at the bottomright corner indicating "saving game.." infinitely but did nothing. The other regions function. But when I tried to load this one now, I have a "Sync data" screen who closes itself after a few seconds, without loading my map. I tried also to load a recovery file but it didn't function.

Does it mean that I seem to have lost this part of my map for ever and
ever and
ever and
ever and
ever and
ever and
ever and
ever and
ever and
ever and
ever ?

My computer appeared to be overload at the moment of the problem. And I guess it is the cause of the corruption of the file...

EDIT : here are the files of the game, I 'm not sure it can help but I put them here nevertheless.

EDIT 2 : I have also lot's of .mcx files but I don't know if they can be of some use.
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#2 2019-01-07 13:11:31
I have lost 10 colonies due to corruption of files, some in region and others in single cities. They never work again.
#3 2019-01-07 15:05:23
ever ever ever try rebuilding in that area and see if that works . just to see
#4 2019-01-08 06:31:15
unfortunately sometimes it happens. i usually make a backup of all of the saves every other day or so just in case this happens
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