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Research Converter

I have an idea for a research converter for late game when research is useless.
This building will employ ~100 people in a 2x2 space, and will consume 1k research/min.
It will produce every single resource in the game, aside from starships, research, and antuara. It will produce those resources at a rate of 15/min. It will consume 2k power and will need 20 money/min to keep running.
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I'm all for this!
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i like this a lot....especially since you need to build tons of Centers for artificial Learning to get alien instructions, you have SOOOO much research just sitting there usless
I also was thinking of something that made a transcended research, which was needed to get a spaceship, which in turn cost essentially every resource in the game to get and maintain to another planet, and then colonize that planet. But, instead of just having it as an end game option, I was thinking that you could keep a trad route open to that planet, but it would cost civics and alien instructions and have a gifting cap of 1k. It would essentially be another colony in your commonwealth you control.
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Research converter coming soon!

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