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In-Game Video Tutorials (submissions)

Note - This thread was originally posted at the old forum here. All new submissions will need to be made here in the new forum.

As of v0.43.0, My Colony now contains in-game links to video tutorials posted on the web. These are community-made videos, not necessarily videos produced by myself.

If you have a YouTube channel and would like your video to be linked in-game, post it here and if I like it I will add it to the listing. This should be a pretty good way to gain exposure and viewers for your YouTube channel, since the videos will have a pretty high visibility within the game. Plus it will help new players to the game and hopefully answer some of the common questions that come to the forum.

Videos should have a somewhat specific scope, so that users can find information on a specific topic. There probably doesn't need to be a bunch of videos on the same thing (how many 'getting started on a red planet' videos are necessary?).

I know there are a bunch on YouTube already, but I don't want to put them into the game without explicit permission from the authors.

I should add that the videos cannot contain any inappropriate language, because of the apps maturity rating in the app store.

For consideration of being added into the game, all video tutorials must be submitted here on this thread. Please include a brief description on what your video is about. Thank you!
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I'm pretty sure you already have these.... but here are my 4 playlists (Red Planet Guide, Zolarg, Lunar and Earth):

</end spam> :)
My YouTube tutorial series:

Can this video be added?

Kind Regards
(author of the video)

I made a guide to rapid Industrialization, can it be added?


My first video for a walk-through tutorial
No inappropriate language here just a complete noob making a video
Playlist Link:

This playlist is just an brief walkthrough of the game. I will release another episode (probably the last) this week.
Best of regards, Wastelander (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

Well done everyone!
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