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Region: City with the same name

In a region colony, if you make a new City using the name of a city that already exists: crash the game, copy in the new city the old city map (without increasing population or GDP), you will just have a duplicate visual. But.. If you delete the new "copy", you will delete the original city too.

I usualy create new city in order, but i don't have realized one city was.. shifted. So i have create a new city using a name already in the map.. and delete around 130 Ship yard... sigh..

ps. i have the .mcb file, is it possible to restore the old city somehow?
I have pasted the mcb file in the My colony maps folder.. Now i have two city with the same name, empty of course, but i still have +32 Starship in the Inflow statistics page from the original city.. :/
Do you use the my colony standalone launcher or the ape launcher?
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Standalone launcher (last version, on win10), because i have some strage problem with the ape launcher to :D

Edit: Just update the ape launcher (v1.2.1), seems to work now, with the same result. Two city active with the same name, both empty (no structure), but the original city produce resource like normal (32 ship for min).
This shouldn't be fixed because having multiple cities with the same name would be confusing. Maybe deny the creation of the city in that case.

Plus, the ADU relies on the fact 2 cities of a same region don't have the same name.
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After the last update (0.83), the clone-fake city is gone ( :D I was scared of eliminating it again, to avoid destroying the original one). The original city still seems empty, but work as usual.

And i agreed, player shouldn't be able to name two city with the same name. I think the problem started with the 0.80 update, until then, new city file in region was named with a timestamp.

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