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Best way to get alien relics?

I have about 8 dig sites but they still take a long time to get relics. I tested the ultra dig sites on a cheat world and it seems they only produce 1 more relic than the regular dig site. So is there an easy way to make lots of relics?
Dig Sites and Ultra Dig Deep Sites are not producing relics! They are producing artifacts. For relics you need some further researches.
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Ultra deep sites are a waste of time. Center for relic studies produces the most but if you aren't at that level yeah just build 50-70 dig sites and you should get enough to start building alien tech. Also, Paul, he did mess up with the names you should still answer the question.
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Center for relic studies actually consume Alien Relic... :P

For Lis, black market produce a little bit, but you will need hundreds and hundreds of them. If you can't build Research converter yet, the best way is to invest some time in a insect colony, they have a mine building excellent for make relic, diamond, uranium, clay, gold and ore.
I assume it would be easiest with a region cuz you could have an entire city for just 100s of mines but I don't wanna start over, if ultra deep dig sites are really that useless then I'm glad I didn't spend the 3000 artifacts to research it
The Ultra Deep Dig Sites are very worthwhile before you get 1B research from my experience.
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UDDs are really slow, and the center for relic studies are a huge leap in the AA(alien Artifact) production. now if you are an online Colony, i would highly recommend to rather trade and buy the Artifacts for building stuff while you are progressing. and once you reach relic studies, you can just sell the AA and buy more relics. this would be until you unlock the research converters. Research converters are truely OP, and like 6-7 times faster than the unholy core mines, which produce the relics for bugs. so my suggestion would be to just trade some AA in early stages until you hit the relic studies
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