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Research that has already been researched once, has to be researched again.

I have an online game under region. after i have researched for example Advanced Chemistry, when I come back online again I have to research it again. I have the save setting on Often, and when i leave the game i use the return to region which saves it, then from region i use the return to title which saves it again. Please help.
Game version and platform?

Other values are normal? Like civics. Usually, where you open the research Windows, in region or inside a city?

Have you tryed to reclic the already researched tech, even if you dont have the research point?
also, make sure you leave to the region screen before closing the game.
Had the same thing happen few times on my alts, things sometimes aren't saved properly if you don't leave to region screen before closing and you researched new techs.
It just wouldn't save new techs you bought but would save the fact that you spent the resources for it.
Also, most likely it's same bug as I had and he needs to get the research points again.
I have had the very same thing happen to me with a Local region game, and it just happened today. I had a new region set up yesterday, got myself set up on a Forest World next to a river. I had everything going on up past the Advanced Small Scale Construction research, I saved meticulously when I finished up for the day yesterday, and now that I come back today, I have no research done, all of my resources have been set to 0, yet I still have all of my tech that was built. Aka, no Advanced Ore Processing, yet I have several of the Adv. Ore Refinery buildings.

I'm running build v.0.84.0 on a Windows 10 laptop through Steam. No windows updates have come in since yesterday, and no Steam updates.

And I am sure on the resources because the most benevolent Galactic Emperor gifted me around 3,00 artifacts yesterday which I was most grateful for. They are now gone and I am sad.

Update: 4/18/2019, Gave regions another try, and it happened again. Playing as United Earth on an Online game. Saved and then exited the game because I had to step away and did not want anything to be messed up. Came back, opened up the save, and all of the tech that I had researched is now no longer researched again.
I’m experiencing something similar. I have the latest iOS app, 0.85.0 and am running on iPad Pro. Whenever I close the app and reload, my entire tech tree becomes unresearched - back to the beginning. This happens every time and is super annoying. This has happened on my online game, but not my local one. Any ideas?
This is happening to me as well, every time I come back all of my research is wiped out, this is extremely frustrating, as the further I get into the game the longer it takes to rebuild my tech tree each time I sign off.

This is on the Android version of the game if that matters at all
I am having this issue too, i researched two technologies, built the benefits of both an now have to research them again.

its happened on my chromebook, with extension, and on my lg stylo v2. im running updates versions of the game.
I found a solution, when you want to quit the game, make sure you back ALL THE WAY TO THE TITLE. this will save your research.
And a side tip-make frequent backups of your save. This is a pretty fun and interesting game, but it is very buggy, hopefully a few of us will ride it out and it will become a great game
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