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Antiquitas v1.23.0 Released

Antiquitas v1.23.0 has just been released, and the patch should be hitting all platforms within the coming days. This update rolls up the engine upgrades from My Colony patches v0.82.0, v0.83.0, and v0.84.0. These patches include tons of bug fixes and performance improvements, but that's not all. With this update brings the Import/Export slider, allowing you to fine tune the amount of goods you buy and sell. In-app notifications for LAN multiplayer games have been revamped. The bulldozer tool has received a significant upgrade, allowing you to click + drag to bulldoze multiple structures at a time. Many improvements have been made to Regions as well.

Even though My Colony is vastly more popular than Antiquitas, Antiquitas is still able to take full advantage of My Colony's popularity by running off of the same core engine, so you can expect a constant flow of improvements and feature updates to Antiquitas for a long time to come.

And remember, if you are only playing Antiquitas on Steam, you may not realize that you can also take it with you on the go. Antiquitas is available on Android and iOS as well, and if you sign in using your Ape Apps account, your full premium content from Steam will transfer over to mobile. Find all download links here:

Enjoy the update, much more to come, and thanks for playing Antiquitas!
nice you added region play on the game but one thing icons still shows up weird
in regions what every your using as a center marker shows 5 icons squished to click for center or region .
I did post a FYI on both games regions is set up so you start gathering a resources or resources in one city and start a new city the first city will gather the resources forever .
Like harvesting trees rock marble starting a second city and the harvesting just keeps on going forever .
Going back into the first city does not change this .
no matter if you stay untill every thing is going in both citys the city will still be producing resources as long as your in any other city or region view .
For my colony it really doesnt matter much but for this game it total kills any need for placed mines and will give infint resources just keep adding storage faster then ANY other way the game produces
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