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My Colony v0.82.0 Released - Page 2

bastecklein said:@Dwilcox This is interesting.

There has got to be another factor that is causing it also. Can you give me some more details on your colony, anything that might lead to a clue about this?

Hi there,
I have a standard human colony(not LIS), under a Commonwealth from Aussie Empire. I moved my city center from the consulate to the star gate around the same time this happened (issue remains even after I set the center back). For a while when I clicked on the consulate it would only give me the option to bulldoze or sell or the x. Also if I went to sell my consulate it would ask me if I wanted to delete it with the resources but instead of the consulate it was for the building I had previously selected. Now with the current release the options fully appear but clicking on the policy icon does nothing. All the other icons work correctly

Hope this helps. Let me know if I need to provide more information.
o thanks man that had me worried lol
this game has given good mileage especially for being as inexpensive as it is .
really having the game be based on resources mining like you did was genius
Also I just noticed that my chat is also not working. I dont see any chats from other people in my commonwealth. Only my comments.
My Colony

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