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Tourists ... those damn tourists

So for the fun of it on one of my region maps i decided to build a tourist-friendly city.

So far i've used 1/4 of the map and have 26k tourist capacity.

Problem is that i only get 2k at a time at best despite the fact that i have numerous stargates and a starport ready to receive.

Does anyone have any clue as to why i'm not getting more of these pesky tourists coming in? I'm really curious if i can make that map have constantly over 100k of them walking around.

Any idea/suggestion/experience is welcome

PS -i placed the stargates right next to the attractions so that they don't have to walk around in search for the attractions.
Extra info : i built 40 space ports as well now. The tourism numbers are slowly increasing now.

I also noticed my atmosphere levels were a tad low. I'll try and balance that around 10 mil to see what happens. Maybe it also has an effect...
Look if your approval is low. If people are unhappy, the tourists are unlikely to come either
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you need more spaceports to bring in more tourists, also atmosphere does not affect them until after 15m. i helped to design the tourist buildings, tech, and costs, so i may know a thing or two about it.
I'm sort of having the opposite problem, my amount of tourists just keeps increasing and nothing I do seems to make them leave. At best I've had about 5 leave out of 4,500.
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