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Suggestion - Click through chat

When I get to chatting with my Commonwealth buddies, the chat starts to build up on the left side of the screen, when I try to click anything through the chat, it does not work, and only pulls up the chat window on the right side of the screen.

It would be very convenient if there was an option to make the chat box, click through-able.
EDIT: Also a clear chat button would be nice!

Love this game!
I think this needs to be added also. When I was more active in the game, I was #1 in active commonwealths and I had to keep the chat tab open most of the time because it was very hard to play the game through the transparent message notifications on the left side. As was said here, every time I clicked on a message, it would make a menu appear until I just turned it off and kept the chat tab open.
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I'd also love the feature of being able to click on a name and open the colony window so I can send them a gift, message or kick them out of the commonwealth
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