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A New Use For Starships... Building MOTHERSHIPS?

#1 2019-06-04 16:05:09
I originally posted this on a discord server so i apologize for the grammatical errors and formatting.

I feel like starships could have a great use maybe later such as in colony wars later on or......
maybe use a couple hundred including a couple million microchips and steel / ore to make a mothership that you can actually build special things on? (maybe it shows up in your region just floating around, and you can build a little city on it?) In my opinion, I feel like this could be useful in many different ways.

Imagine floating cities (of course there'd be a maximum of them) where you can have a WALL-E like style mothership. Imaging having that, and having a couple buildable spots where everywhere else is like prebuilt into the mothership like the road (which is of course the shape of the mothership and the engines etc.) and then you can have living sections where you can build special housing areas that can only be built on motherships and nothing else? or fast food restaurants that show up in the middle of a plaza inside of the mother ship, or maybe a capitalist style economy inside a mothership being an option? colonists can build their own building depending on the demand of what the colony wants? not sure about that, but could be interesting. Seems like starships have a lot of unlockable potential for the future, I truly hope something like this would show up, not sure if bast would be willing but I feel like it'd be special. Also, imagine using motherships to move mass resources and even people to other colonies you send it to? anyways i'm done i hope somebody high up thinks that this is a good idea too. peace out. ~Bait 😉
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#2 2019-06-06 12:27:28
Quick New Idea that can hop off of this: Rental Areas or capitalist zones. This allows the colonists to be able to build something they want if they have enough money, and they can choose what to build depending on how much the colony needs it. If the colony wants education, it would build a school, or if the colony already has enough of that, maybe abn entertainment zone, or food place? Like a pizza parlor or boulangerie. Could be interesting? Seems like it would be a HUGE update to the game though that requires a lot of effort. Maybe creating a function for the colonists to create their own likings or preferences to specific kinds of entertainment / food would be interesting.
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#3 2019-07-24 05:29:52
Idea: If bast gets a giant team and loads of time they could make this game into 3D with an interactive universe, something like PUBG's map system, all that delicious stuff.
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