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Commonwealth Resource Bank

Hello everyone,

Since being the owner of a large and active commonwealth I've consistently encountered the problem of not being able to give the people in my commonwealth the resources they require in a reasonable time if at all due to being in different time zones and the limited size of the chat.

My idea is to introduce a resource bank for the colony where people are able to deposit into and they can withdraw the resources available at no cost. This would help make commonwealths more active and expand quicker because people can get the resources they need to expand instantly instead of waiting hours to get them. This feature can help people choose which commonwealth to join by showing the total price of all the materials in the resource bank along with the GDP of the commonwealth owner.

To stop people abusing this feature as a large storage place there can be a rule where you can only withdraw the amount of resources you didn't donate. For example, there's 100 million ore in the resource bank and you donated 90 million you would only be able to withdraw 10 million.

Let me know what you think.
This will make resources transfer between commonwealth members a lot easier, I totally agree. Sharing of resources and assisting each other is one of the key features of online commonwealths.
On the other hand, I wish we can request resources in the commonwealth like that in galatic board of trade (when there’s insufficient resources in the bank), just in case; Meanwhile a monitor-able list of history of deposit and withdrawal of resources, so when there’s some people taking too much resources frequently, commonwealth leader can impose a ban on the member.
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That would break early game development. CW leaders won't care giving away millions of resources and young colonies will just take all those millions and build with that. No need for micromanaging, waiting for resources, deciding which tech to do would just be a research rush to endgame, because resources would be made nearly unlimited.
This can already be the case but it's limited to the time spent online by the CW leader.
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100% agreed with Sobeirannovaocc

This will break the game at every stage, some main player have several billions for every resources (except star ships).

Give to the player access to unlimited supplies will transform the game in just a research rush, without any care about the micro/macro management.

To be clear, the game already has something like this, the creative mode.
Ansom and Sobe,

To counter the new colonies suddenly expanding quickly there could be a limit on which resources are available to them. For example, water, food, ore, steel and gold would be a sensible set of resources so that the colony can be sustainable in the basics whilst still needing to micromanage certain resources.

Another countermeasure to this would be that the colonies who request these materials would have to pledge loyalty to the CW so that the amount of civics they need to declare increases (but doesn't go back down) depending on the quantity and the type of resource they request. The quantities are preset with a specific number of civics being added to declare independence.
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