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Antiquitas v1.25.0 Released

The v1.25.0 patch for Antiquitas is now live and should be hitting all platforms within a couple of days. This update rolls up all of the bug fixes and engine updates from My Colony releases v0.90.0, v0.91.0, v0.92.0, v0.93.0, v0.94.0, and v0.95.0. Because of the sheer number of engine improvements in those My Colony releases, this is actually a fairly significant update for Antiquitas, so let's just highlight some of the things that are new.

To begin with, Antiquitas had the same texture mod bug that had been plaguing My Colony, which is now patched, so texture mods should now work properly on Antiquitas again.

Antiquitas desktop users now have the ability to change the location that the game saves their games. You can find this option in the Game Data menu, which you can access by selecting Options on the main title screen.

Build categories on the construction sidebar are now sorted in alphabetical order, making things easier to find.

On the desktop, pressing Crtl+R now brings up the 'Resource Search' bar, allowing you to quickly view the statistics for a specific resource. This key binding can be changed from the Engine Settings menu.

Next, you can now fine-tune adjust the volume of the in-game sound effects. Find the new volume slider in the Engine Settings menu.

You can now create a custom flag for your city. The new in-game flag maker can be found in the Statistics window, and there are a lot of different customization options to choose from.

On the resources readout display, resource numbers are now color coded in a gradient ranging from red to green, indicating at a glance how full (or empty) your resource storage levels are.

On top of these primary changes, there have been a ton of bug fixes, performance improvements, and UI improvements, especially on mobile and TV devices.

The v1.25.0 patch has been submitted to all app stores and should be going live pending app store approvals. Enjoy the updates, and stay tuned for more!
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