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My Colony v0.95.0 Released

Today I am putting the finishing touches on the v0.95.0 patch for My Colony, and it should be hitting all platforms within the coming days. I've actually got a fairly big update in store for you guys today, so I hope you enjoy it. Let's take a look at what's new!

First let's start with the small stuff. In this release I have added 40 new flag logos that you can add to your colony flags, including all letters of the alphabet. I have also fixed issues on a couple of the logos that did not let you adjust their color properly.

Next up, I have made stat adjustments/tweaks to a few of the maps and buildings in the game. The Star Gate, Star Port, and Medium Range Star Gate can now all import and export Software. The Antaura production has been increased on the Interstellar Pad of Thought. Newly created Water World maps will no longer contain the Fresh Water deposits on the map, as they making getting Water way too easy. The Crudebot can now be constructed on Water World and Desert World maps, and the Diamond Miner can now be build on the Water World. Finally, the Center for Artificial Learning has been slightly nerfed, and the Research Converter now requires a little more research to operate.

A number of UI tweaks have been made in this update. Now when you are in building mode (as in, you have a new building for construction selected), the Chat Notification area will disappear. Before the chat log was in the way when you were trying to build things, so now it should no longer be a problem.

I have also added a new, faster way to reply to chat messages without having to open up the actual chat window, although you do need to be using a keyboard in order to use it. But now if you are connected to a chat server, you can simply press the Tab key (customizable in Engine Settings) to open up the new chat reply input box.

This makes it a lot faster and easier to reply to chats in-game.

There are also a couple of chat text color changes. When a Developer posts in chat (I'm the only one), they will have Gold text color. When a Moderator posts in chat ( @cry8wolf9 is the only one), their text will appear Blue. When somebody playing an offline colony posts, they will have a Teal text color. This is helpful because a lot of times new players ask for resources in chat, and they do not even know they are playing offline.

I believe that these interface changes make the in-game chat a whole lot better.

Next, the Desktop Build Confirm costs area now shows Power and Bandwidth requirements when queuing up multiple buildings.

Obviously this is good information to have, and probably should have been there to begin with!

Next, you will probably notice that the resource amount numbers in the Resources display are now colored.

The colors gradiate from red to orange to green, and allow you to see at a glance how full your storage is. Green means you have full storage, orange is half way, red is empty. This should be especially helpful on mobile, since you can't hover over the readout to see the little bar graphs.

In addition, the Resource view that only shows down-trending resources will now only show resources that are both down-trending and under 95% storage capacity.

Also, a new feature has been added for Federations. The Federation president can now kick member colonies out of the Federation for whatever reason.

Now on to the new content. In this update I have added one new resource (Salt Water) and 11 new structures. Mixing things up a bit, a lot of the new content in this update relates to the Water World map. Here is a list of the new stuff, and then I will discuss some of the structures afterwards.

New Structures
  • Fine Arts Warehouse
  • Counterfeit Market
  • Integrated Aluminum Generator
  • Advanced Ship Yard
  • Department of Advanced Fish Mating Studies
  • Mesh Platform
  • Salt Water Pump
  • Salt Water Tank
  • Desalination Factility
  • Fishery
  • Fish Cannery
The Fine Arts Warehouse and Counterfeit Market provide additional storage for Paintings, Pottery, and Cloth, and are for United Earth and L.I.S., respectively. The L.I.S. version has less storage and also exchanges some of the goods for money.

The Integrated Aluminum Generator brings a long awaited upgrade to the old Aluminum Generator, costing more and utilizing Software and Bandwidth.

I have also added the new upgraded double decker Advanced Ship Yard for faster Human Star Ship production, also requiring Software and Bandwidth.

Next, United Earth players get a new wasteful government building in the form of the Department of Advanced Fish Mating Studies. This building creates research but, more importantly, offers over 5000 useless jobs, for larger colonies with a lot of unemployment.

The remainder of the new content is for the Water World map.

The Mesh Platform is a new bridge structure with no particular orientation, so you can connect them together without issue. You can now also harvest ocean Salt Water with the new Salt Water Pump, which is built directly onto Salt Water tiles. The water is stored using the Salt Water Tank, and can be converted into massive amounts of fresh Water using the new Desalination Factility.

For island Food production, I have added the Fishery, which is built directly onto water and harvests large amounts of Fish, and the Fish Cannery, which turns said fish into large amounts of Food. Fish will soon be making it's way to the GBT and, like Ether on the Ether map, will only be harvestable on the Water World map, since I said that I would be adding more unique map-specific resources to the game.

There is still more I.T. stuff to add, but I was playing my Water World map the other day and wanted to add some content to it, and I saw a post about Water World in the suggestions forum, and decided to go for it. I also want to add additional structures that can be built over water tiles, like tourist stuff, some unique housing, and an offshore drilling platform. I want to add boats or a water based bot, but I don't know if I will, since I will have to create a whole additional collision map for water tiles, which will take up a lot of runtime memory. We will see.

So that about sums it up for today's update. Like I said, it will be making it's way to all platforms in the coming days, so be on the lookout for the update. And as always, keep those suggestions coming, and thanks for playing My Colony!
this was helpful thxs
A little bit of important info I might add : before the patch, the Fishery building was originally available to build on other planets as well, and many early-mid game colonies depend on them for Food production as they provide significant upgrade over Adv Hydroponics.

Based on people's experience in chat, upon logging they will suddenly find these Fisheries disappear as they are now changed to a different building exclusive to Water Worlds. Those who are not familiar with this fact will find their Food dropping rapidly upon logging, and they may not have the resources or tech to switch to Vertical Warehouse Farm (or Food Processing Sweatshop moreso). So I expect many players who will be confused about this issue in the coming days upon logging to the new update.

For players who read this, let's help our fellow players who are affected by this for the coming days.

If I might advise Bast, please provide a warning or note for these players for future such changes.

Thanks for the great update!

I have just two notes:
My food production on a United Earth Lunar world dropped after the update and i had to to stabilize it. The fishery buildings on my wold just vanished.

I also noticed, that i can't click the building menu button on selected advanced building rovers. The building menu of other rovers opens just fine. Restarting the app didn't fix it.

I play on a Galaxy A50 with Android 9.
The Fishery is a different building than the existing Fish Hatchery. If the Hatchery is removed, that was by mistake and I’ll add it back in next patch.
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the scheepswerf removed from Zolag Empire? yesterday i had the scheepswerf as a building i could build, now its gone. i am playing on ice world
Thanks Bast! (^ω^)
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
soo i know it’s realistic to have charcoal only be able to come from burning wood (as far as i know before you get the transcendence research) But this for me has been quite difficult just because when i first started i sold all my wood thinking i wouldn’t need it later on, and now i feel its a little too unforgiving in the sense that unless. 1. i clear out a lot of space to put up tree farms which don’t produce nearly enough wood for charcoal production and building construction on a high level. 2. spend millions of dollars buying the wood only to soon have to buy it again. and 3. having to rely on the awesome community that this game has by relying on some people to send resources. And with this said i probably should be waiting to finish the game because there is probably another way to obtain mass amounts of wood, but right now i feel its a little too unforgiving.

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There is an upgrade to the conventional tree farms that need ether to run (res only alpha draconians can harvest) so you must import it via GBT

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