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API Region resorses update

At this time, the resorses are't valuated globally, but through subzone/Metropolitan area.

For example, in Coloniae, ADU section, all value change based the area selected, inclused storage value.
So you are saying that in a region game, the storage/resource stats sent to ADU is from the current subregion, and not the entire region?
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Well not exactly. The numbers are different because for each city, it keeps the values from the last time you entred the city. For example, if you had 1M storage on Arsenale1, then leave the city, create more storage in your storage city, like 2M more, in your ADU page you will see 1M storage in Arsenale1 and 3M in your storage city, because the last time you entered Arsenale1 you had 1M. If you enter Arsenale after that it will show 3M.
Hope I made it clear
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