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3x3 Cities!

#1 2019-11-11 14:27:14
Hello devs,

I was wondering if there was any pls coming up for 3x3 tile (150x150) cities coming any time soon? I'd be really looking forward to something like that!

Also, I'd also like to add if we would be able to make customizable sized cities by like dragging a square or something too? that could be interesting (ofc a limit like 5x5 but idk it'd be interesting)
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#2 2019-11-21 16:17:26
I feel like We should be able to choose where our capital city should be. Maybe we get only one 3x3 city called the capital. Also, another option is to add 3x3 cities, but to warn that cities of this size could cause performance issues if used.

The reason I feel like we shouldn't be having more than one of those cities is because any more than 2x2 and people will start to see reduced performance. Sure some people have beefy computers and might not see any performance drops, but what about those that don't? What would they say about mc if performance started dropping? Also, if bast gives us 3x3's, how long will it be before people start asking for 4x4's, and then 5x5s. And at that point you might as well just be stringing a bunch of mega cities together in a region. The purpose of the region is to keep the cities small and the performances issues to a minimum while still giving plenty of space for growth.

For the customization idea, I feel like it would be cool but the mc engine would have a hard time supporting it. Major changes would have to be made and many problems and bugs are an inevitability when making huge changes to a game engine.

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#3 2019-11-22 09:51:24
If you talk about city region, the medium map (101x101) max size isn't a random number. is the largest city available before degradation begins to be felt, corrupting the files.
#4 2020-01-29 08:02:12
bumping this thread!
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#5 2020-02-06 20:28:49
Didn't know that the bigger ones actually caused corruption, i just thought they had performance issues, makes much more sense now that we only have 2x2 cities.
#6 2020-02-09 22:33:29
Then again, the game was more optimized for Regions in these last few updates, so it might be a good idea!
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#7 2020-02-10 16:04:52
Yeah i think it can be fun! Also, corruption from larger maps has been fixed by now I believe.
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