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[NOZ] GirlyGamerGazellNation

#1 2019-11-30 07:41:53
Come join the GGG Nation where all commonwealths have maximum payroll assistance possible and taxes are never a thing! Come join GGG Nation, join our commonwealth, come and live and prosper, and never sweat being alone or without help, along with a constant help when it comes to resources so you never have to sweat running out of those resources you need the most ( or would just like to have ).
My main colony is current an LIS colony sadly, i am currently working on making the other colonies i have better! But nevertheless the GirlyGamerGazell Nation is truly the best way to go.

Colony Name:

NOZ Discord link:
#2 2019-11-30 08:58:01
Welcome Electrogamer to NOZ! and Fear Not for the LIS shall soon take over the world! We shall Rule Them all!
Archmage Of Nations Of Oz[NOZ]
Join The NOZ discord server today!!
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