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Averaged production rates


Would you be able to add an engine feature that we can toggle so that the game just averages production across all of the buildings instead of simulate each building?

So instead of each building producing a certain number of resources per cycle they produce it per minute. You can then base the total production rate of multiple buildings per minute instead of keeping track of how far along each building is and how many workers there are it just takes the average for all buildings.

For example, 100 advanced robot inc. require a total of 70k works and produce 14k robots per minute. Say there was actually 56k at work (which is 80% of the total workers) the total production is 11.2k per minute. Currently the rate fluctuates due to the workers not being evenly spread out between the buildings and so the cycles get completed at different rates.

Hopefully doing something like this over multiple building types and numerous of each buildings would speed up the game as the calculation is simpler. If it improves the game in the way I think it might this would mean the game performs at the same speed regardless the size of the colony

Let me know what you think!
This was the idea I thought of a while ago but never posted @bastecklein
@Westy266 I mentioned this in chat the other day, but I am currently in the middle of doing something similar to what you have suggested, but also way different, but I do think it will improve performance quite a bit and also solve a lot of the issues with the game (or it might just introduce a ton of new issues).

What I am currently in the middle of doing for v1.0.0, which is a major rewrite, is that Entertainment, Education, Medical, and Work are no longer going to be handled at the individual colonist level, but instead at the "house" level. This is going to be sort of how Sim City simulates these things. Each residential building is going to be rated by it's distance to available medical, educational, and entertainment facilities, and you will have to have facilities in range to each housing unit in order to have a high "rating," which will ultimately be used to determine a land value/citizen happiness level.

Likewise for worksites, they are going to operate based on how many qualified residents live in range to the building, and will be running full time based on that stat, no more on shift/off shift stuff to worry about, or waiting for workers to show up.

The bad part is that this will remove pretty much all colonist-level micromanaging from the game, as everything is going to be largely stats based now. So you will not be able to select a building and see which actual people work there, or see what actual guests are at an entertainment facility or school. The only meaningful stat for the actual colonist is going to be where their house is, most else will be simulated and based on the "house" level.

Anyway, it's a big change and I suspect some will not like it initially, but I think long-term it's the way to go. It will make it a lot easier to implement Crime, which I want to do in the next few updates, since I can base it on the educational/land value rating of an area. It will also make it easy to implement Mass Transit, which is something a lot of people want, since I will only have to base the usage stats on "areas" of the map instead of each individual colonists' pathfinding requirements.
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I like the idea, and in theory should fix several problem. I Just Hope the distance Will be decent. :D
With regards to the way you implement the health, entertainment and the work distance for the colonist how will you be able to give a detailed description to how its done?
Currently I don't think anyone has any idea the correct ratios of entertainment to keep the colonists happy whilst also maximising production.

I had a chat with sobe and generalwadaling a while ago about how you could do this and it would act like the utilities. You could implement this on the area basis and for all of the factors effecting approval rating.

So for the education of colonists you'd have the different jobs requiring different iQ and the schools providing different iQ points.
For example the research converters require 100 workers and currently requiring 150 iQ. Each iQ requirement could require a certain amount of education points and the schools could provide a certain number of points as well. So say the 150 iQ job requires 7 points each this would make a research converter require 700 iQ points for the workers. To balance this out the transcendent academy could provide 500,000 points which can support approximately 700 converters.

You could apply a similar system to each of the categories that effect approval rating but to get a good approval rating you'd need an excess in all areas. If there isn't enough points for a specific factor then you can choose the largest quantity of people that would not be served by the lack of points in that area.

Let me know what you think!
I can do a thorough separate post going through my idea if you'd prefer me to do that?
@Westy266 I am actually already pretty far along in implementing it a different way. And with the new system, it will be a lot easier than before to maximize production. More details to follow.
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