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ECOLOGY! (+ Terraforming rework)

H3110 guys! :3

When looking at your planet, no matter on what planets, you might feel your colony is somehow, lifeless.
I do mean, even with trees, something is missing on your plot of land...
Meanwhile some developed colonies - While the colonists suffering from the factory smokes and dust, inside their heart, do they want something green and lively?
Or, colony commanders. Do you want new challenges fighting between the nature and your brave conquest?

Here, I have come over with something new inside my mind -

    Ecology would be the new challenge to be introduced to the players, you have to manage your balance between natural environment and your colony development. Ecology is activated once you have reached terraforming stage 3 (vegetation stage, which you unlocks trees), and this will gradually becoming the concerns of your colonists.
    Ecology is evaluated as the follows:
    • Carbon Emission
      This is a very classic evaluation factor. Once you have unlocked ecology, industries and colonists begins generating carbon emissions. Mind that carbon emissions accumulates over time. Once you have reached a certain extent of accumulation, here comes Mr. Global Warming, and you know the rest of these...
      You can lower the net carbon emission through atmosphere scrubbers and plantations such as sugarcanes and trees.
    • Nature Reservations
      Nature reservations means how much greening or nature objects you have kept inside the colony. This includes (non- hostile) alien lives, trees, lawns, greened buildings, e.t.c. The more you reserved, the more your colonists satisfied with the environment.
      Zoos also counts into nature reservations.
      Green dome doesn't count.
    • Pollution
      Everybody knows what's pollution, right?
      Pollution is counted by trashes.
    The ecology rating can be counted by:
    Nature Reservation Points (NRP) - Carbon Emission Points (CEP) - Trash amount
    Let's say, the terraforming system needs re-design.
    The 'atmosphere' in the game is not specific enough, it can actually also referring to alien unbreathable atmosphere.
    Adding earth atmosphere onto the existing atmosphere seems not a wise concept too. It may cause atmosphere overpressure.
    This time, I'll show you my ideas that will bring a more logical terraforming system.
    • First, the atmosphere is removed from a member of resources.
    • Terraforming will be determined by Planet Type. Each planet will require different extent of terraforming to unlock new items.
    • Terraforming is divided into different parts and are counted by various Terraforming Points (TP).
      • Temperature (degree Celsius). Increased by colony activities, volcanoes, geysers and AtmoHeaters. Decreased by AtmoChillers and ice. Heat production is multiplied by carbon footprints but can be reduced by natural water bodies or artificial one.
      • Atmosphere Pressure (kg). Increased by AtmoGenerators. Decreased by AtmoPumps and Atmosphere Condensers.
      • Atmosphere gas (%). Alien gas can be removed using AtmoPumps or converted into Breathable Gas using Atmoconvertors. AtmoScrubbers and AtmoFilters removes pollutants. Atmosphere Condensers removes any type of gas slowly.
      • Soil condition (%). Once the atmosphere can support microbe activities, you can begin improve soil using Bacteria Farms.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
I've been barking up that tree for years, literally. I feel like the terraforming elements are just too rigid. The game always terraforms the planet as you gain atmosphere, but it never reverses the terraformation when you lose atmosphere, which is very rigid and unrealistic. I also think that heat and sea level should be other factors of terraforming. Not saying that bast isn't ever going to consider a terraforming overhaul, but I think he has bigger things to worry about for now. The regional generation feature is an awesome change.

For now, instead of suggesting terraforming ideas, I suggest planet types and new features for old planets, and that has worked out better for me than terraforming ideas.
@Amorphus I have just updated the post with terrafroming contents. Have a look (^ ^)
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Yay I like this idea
I am nerdy programmer that happens to like games made by ape apps. At some point in my life I am hoping to start a company and make games.
I think as an extra they might do oxygen levels, which obviously allow for more life but maybe cause occasional explosions when it gets to high, and also lethal to humans before that specific point. maybe certain levels of co2 allow for more or less trees. Maybe they grow faster as you approach a certain level of atmosphere. As an extra maybe something similar could be done with water Justs spitballing
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