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Suggest another way to move bots from one city to another city

#1 2020-01-08 17:17:19
I haven't posted this because i have no idea how much coding would be needed .
BUT instead of moving bots to the edge of one city into a joining city it would be better if you say added code to the star gate and moved bots to it have a pop up box showing all city's then choose which city the bots move to .
For regions this would be better as a player mite have city's scattered all over or just not have the city they want the bots in joining the city the bots are in .
I will say as i create new regions I will keep in mind how to keep moving bots from one city to the next simpler .
Besides its really not needed for lower bots its is possible to build 300 all the way up to the gold BIG builders fast and gold builders even 40 bots is fast for anything they build only alien turbo bots build slow but even 50 is enough . turbo builders take tons of bots and lots of time to build . ty
#2 2020-01-09 13:01:27
That wouldn't necessarily be difficult. Shouldn't it be the ability to move bots from one city with a Stargate to another city with a Stargate? I feel like you need a Stargate at both ends for the transfer.
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#3 2020-01-09 21:59:46
Yes exactly it does two things one its something to be worked for being you need alien teck for star gate .
and yes both city's would need a gate OR revamp the lander once you HAVE the teck to be a lander - stargate . Lands then lets ship to be a star gate .With a new cooler looking ship like say using two crystal power plants for the sides the middle being open like a gate with a copit on top for the astronauts
and the power planet would work like normal as well so a new city that HAS the TEK starts with 50 k power and a stargate ship .
PS remember though a player would need the TCK first . NOT wanting things easer just easer moving bots
ether way by the time a player has the teck building gates in new city's can be first just enough bots to build one gate .
after all you will only need one gate and ether turbo bot or alien turbo bot builds them and it does not take more then five to build fast I usually build a gate alest untill transcendence or how ever its spelled lol .
anyway its really about being able to move bots to any city even ten city,s away thought
And the most use will be Turbo builders as research converter takes 500 turbo bots if your building 300 of them lol
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#4 2020-01-12 17:26:35
yes! i also believe i suggested this along with my "motherships" suggestion where you can move people and bots from one city to another.
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