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Nano Tech

I saw the chat in Discord and had to post my ideas. Here we go!

Nano Mining Operation:
Uses Nanomites to break down the soil and collect ore and gold to bring to the surface.

Small Nanomites swarm a piece of steel to make Aluminum. Sometimes they do it to fast, then it become tritanium.

Used for making all things nano! Normal rovers are to big to make any of the nano stuff, so we need a smaller version!

Uses small Nanomites ot break down and decompose the trash that your colony produces.

Uses Nanomites to split water into Oxygen and Hydrogen. (<Part of the Oxygen supply idea set>)

This small lumber camp can churn out loads of wood while also producing oxygen and atmosphere.

Nano-Shirt Company Ink.:
This small startup company makes shirts at an amazing pace while being contained in a 2×2 space!

Nano-TV Center:
This small yet fun learning center is for your colonists! Ps. Its just a bunch of Nanomites doing random stuff in sand.

Makes gold and electricity by smashing together two Nanomites at near the speed of light!

Nano-Paste Factory:
This small Ant-paste factory uses a synthetic version created by the Nanomites. Very slow, as only about 2 nanomites are able to make Ant-paste out of 10,000,000.

And I think that is going to wrap up my ideas for Nano tech for now. I will be splitting these ideas up in a 4 part series. So stay tuned for more to come!
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Join my Commonwealth! WAst4IOO : and join the NOZ discord:
Owner of Komet Labs!
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Nano robot factory
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