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THE UNITED EARTH’S SECRET LAB SERIES - Archieve 1 - Secret of the Iron Fist Nation

Hello guys.

Behind the strength of each civilization and nation, they have their own secrets.
UE have been looking very ordinary in the galaxy, no technology stand out from others at all in the world where technology is in fience competition.
But actually, they have been hiding their secret for long, since the early days of the United Earth. Even the Galactic Empire and sneaky Alpha Draconians don’t know they are secretly extracting a new resource unknown to the galaxy...

Here goes the story.
When the archaeologists first discovered the ancient alien remains on Mars, they had discovered one piece of secret artifact of the Ancients - “Black Sphere”.
However that piece of artifact was sealed very well, it was protected by multiple unknown ancient codes, leaving the mystery not revealed.
About four years before the establishment of United Earth, the archaeologist Gaia Jane discovered the sequence of the ancient code on the seals of “Black Sphere”.
What the “Black Sphere” hides is a data bank. The data bank tells the secret of extracting an unnamed mysterious substance.
The substance was later named as Gaiarium.
Soon this mysterious substance became the secret weapon of United Earth’s conquest of Earth. It was made into highly durable armours (but not hard as triantanium, at that time even antanium was not discovered) by mixing a tiny mass of Gaiarium into alloys - It had confused many warlords at that time, why UE liberation forces are such highly resistant to solid bullets and even grenades.
Later the Gaiarium was used in all security infranstructures, and equippments of Space Marines, giving them incredible strength - that’s the origin of the iron fists of United Earth. However, the construction crews and Space Marines don’t know the existance of Gaiarium.
The secret was well protected, beginning from the discovery of this substance. The scientists discovering them were assassinated under the secret agenda of the United Earth General Assembly, and assign the secret to their own military engineers and high officiers, under the extreme supervision of intelligence departments, to prevent their secret of iron fist strength, discovered by their enemy - League of Independent States, and even the most supreme nation in the galaxy - Galactic Empire.
Indeed, even the Galactic Empire don’t know the existance of Gaiarium, because nothing similar to the “Black Sphere” were found since then, and because of the flawless intelligence protection of United Earth.
Some years past away. United Earth Secret Lab Authority submitted a proposal to the United Earth General Assembly.
“Our only secret extraction base in United Earth cannot meet the vast demand for Gaiaium by such many departments in our nation. Shall we allow our colonies to produce Gaiarium, to increase the production rate, in order to sustain our neccessary consumption to maintain our strength. As well allowing us, the Secret Lab Authority, to research more purpose of Gaiarium, using our foreign colonies for experiment.”

After several monthes of debates, the General Assembly accepted the Authority’s propsal. Trusted colony governors shall have right to access to Gigarium, but the condition is, they shall face more supervision from United Earth to keep the secret highly confidential. Further usage of Gaiarium must be approved by the Authority in order to implement them.

The Gaiarium Technology will be the centre of the series, about the usage and utilization of the mysterious substance, which, it has much higher potential than the crystalline.

In the next post, I’ll introduce the actual in-game implemention ideas of Gaiaium.

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You can help by EXPANDING IT.
This seems to be promising! My Colony already has a bit of lore and if we (the players) can expand on that, it would be wonderful! I already have an idea for the LIS part of this, so thx Wadaling!

[Transmission ended]
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I figured out the backstory here has a little problem when compaired to the LIS’ backstory.
How did Tots kick the Space Marines out of Terra Nova, if the Space Marines has the highly durable Gaiarium armour?


Suppose LIS also don’t understand much about Gaiarium stuff, but they surely know UE Space Marines has the very durable armour.

So here, I’ll do a supplementary info on Gaiarium:
This substance is not acid proof. They are easily dissolved and nullified by strong acids.

Now look at the Battle of Terra Nova, a ciritical event that leads to the rise of LIS.
Let’s say, someone accidentially spill a barrel of acidic bleach onto the Space Marines and found their armour become much fragile that can be pierced by normal firearms.
It could be a lame explaination, but hopefully it fixes the loophole.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
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